Dssi-Vst Wrapper Not Seen By Renoise?

Used latest version (0.9.2) from:

My system is Ubuntu 9.10.

It has compiled and installed properly in /usr/local/lib/dssi.
Variable VST_PATH set, dssi-vst-scanner shows supposed data,
vsthost starts and runs plugins without a hitch.

However Renoise doesn’t recognize the dssi-vst.so file at all.
In console it just prints:
Renoise LOG> DSSI: Searching for DSSI plugins in ‘/usr/local/lib/dssi/’… (after that it should list something?)
Renoise LOG> DSSI: Skipping DSSI path ‘/home/radek/.dssi/’ (Directory does not exist)…
Renoise LOG> Jack: Trying to open client ‘renoise’…
Renoise LOG> Jack: Jack transport support is disabled…
Renoise LOG> Jack: Sample rate: 44100
Renoise LOG> Jack: Using Buffersize 256…

Any ideas?

Do the renoise and dssi-vst.so architectures match (both 32 or 64 bit)?

Else you could try if there are some more logs about a failed scan in the Renoise log. “Renoise -> Help -> Show Log File…” Search for dssi-vst in there…

Which user are you running renoise with ? I remember i had problems with dssi-vst when running renoise as root.

  • start renoise
  • remove the ~/.dssi-vst/ directory
  • go to the renoise Preferences > Plugins page and do a full plugin rescan
  • post the full log here

also, it’s better to manually compile the latest trunk version of dssi-vst, which fixes a bug i spotted that causes the plugin to segfault (killing renoise too)… see here: http://www.breakfast…DiscussionID=20

Should it be possible to run windows VSTi (dll) with DSSI-VST wrapper, when this is sorted out, or is that too much to hope for?

thats the idea.

I’ve got it working here on Arch Linux 32-bit. I compiled DSSI-VST from the latest sources (via git clone, not downloading the tarball). Now im going through my plugins seeing what works and what doesnt. I’ll take some notes and report back.

Ok, that’s great. This means that DSSI support could well be the single most important feature for some people.

This was my tipping point for buying Renoise. I spend all my time in Linux except for music making (mainly Ableton Live) and I hate having to reboot. :)

So i’ve been going through my plugs, starting with the free ones i’ve downloaded along the way, and im keeping notes on a wiki on my site here : http://relivethefuture.com/wiki/doku.php?id=start

For the plugs that generate crash logs im creating a page and pasting the log in there. There are quite a few quirks which im not really taking note of yet, e.g. some plugs wont reshow their UI after they’ve been closed, although im not sure if thats related to my window manager (I use XMonad). Also I have a reasonable amount of commercial plugs (all legit) and im guessing some of those will need installing into wine first.

anyway, im really happy that something works because I know it’ll only improve over time. If theres anything else I can do to help let me know.

In the meantime i’ll keep testing other plugins.

OK - I’ve got it more, or less.

I had to set VST_PATH variable with individual entries to each one VST DLLs.
export VST_PATH="/home/radek/linux_vst/:/home/radek/vst/Synth1"

Then Renoise still couldn’t see Synth1 however when I disabled the
“Enable VST plugins” then it… just showed. Enabling that option
again didn’t hide it thought.

A bit weird but it works now, and changes are persistent between
Renoise reruns. :)

Where is this git located? I can’t find it :( Only the tarball is there and it’s the same version I have installed from arch repos.
All the calf dssis work just fine but when I try to loady anything via dssi-vst inside renoise, plugins won’t load. They work in dssi-vst standalone though.

its a mercurial repo, page here :


or you can

hg clone http://hg.breakfastquay.com/dssi-vst/

thanks for the links… I’ve compiled the latest source and it works… sometimes :confused: seems to be quite random… about 50% chance that plugin will start…