Dua Lipa - 'Be The One' - Remix

Here’s my latest creation… again it’s a vocal house track using a female acapella :roll_eyes::laughing:
The acapella came from acapellas4u, a pretty decent one with no background audio. There is a mixed bag on there, some gems but some not so great.
As ever this was completely compiled using Renoise, with a mix of VST’s and samples.
Hope you enjoy and thanks in advance if you do have a listen :hugs:

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I got the whole be-the-one
multitrack for you if you like?

nice remix btw… could use a bit more bass and less high though.

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Thanks for the listen and the feedback… your not the first to say the bass needs cranking up a bit on some of my tracks. It’s something I need to address in my monitor setup by the looks of it.
I would definitely be interested in the multitrack please if possible… (also interested to know how you acquired it :wink:)

Rpnz, can i get acapella too?

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Thanks Rpnz! you are awesome!
I would be interested in various acapellas from this genre if you are up to.

Thanks once again! :slight_smile: