Dual-core Support In 1.8?

Someone must have asked this by now or it must be documented somewhere, but I can’t find any info:
Does 1.8 support dual-core processors?

yes it does support real dual cores; this means you won’t benefit from CPU’s like Intel Hyperthreading ones, while the CPU affinity on systems based on CPU’s such as Centrino Duo, AMD 64X2 and similar two processors configurations will be set on the whole number of processors.

But no, it does not support calculating Audio on both cores at once. Right now, one code will be used for Audio, the rest (the GUI, file stuff) on the other core.

is there any suggestions of what Combo of CPU(s) & Motherboard, would be best suited & utilized best for use with renoise, now and until the future?

no there aren’t any “official” suggestions towards that.
but whatever calls itself dual- or quadcore today won’t be a bad idea for building a basis of a renoise daw.
this thread might be of good use for orientational purposes.

Thanks Keith!
i just reviewed up to the bit in the thread where you shared your system’s test specs.
That is quite a System you have there!
thankyou for the guidance also! :)

It has often been advised on this board to disable hyperthreading in the bios, since it wouldn’t benefit renoise. Lately I’ve done the test from that general discussion thread “test your setup performance” -> and hyperthreading disabling/enabling had a minor influence on performance, if anything the results were slightly poorer with hyperthreading disabled.

Maybe it was just this particular test song though, but why advice to disable HT when there is no gain?

when you start renoise on a HT-enabled PC, you will notice, that one of your virtual cores is being disabled by default. in order to check that, fire up the taskmanager and take a look at renoise.exe’s CPU affinity.
if you manually enable both cores for renoise you should be able to see your performance decrease when comparing certain tunes one on one.

there have been times when renoise did not disable one of the virtual cores by default, so back then, it was recommended to turn off HT in order to gain performance.

so that’s one part of the HT-story.
the other one is about stability:
i was suffering random crashes with HT enabled but only in conjunction with certain plugins / synths.
i remember the novation line of synths liked crashing on me with HT enabled - no matter what affinity was set in taskmanager.

after all i always had my HT always enabled since renoise v1.5 and avoided using the novation synths, so that i was using a fully functional, well-performing and reliable renoise even with HT enabled.
but there have been times, which looked rather different :)

Im very happy with this one. My cpu peaks at 98%, and still no crackles and stuff.

Keep on rocking.