Dual Panning Mode

From this thread

This got me thinking of another feature that could be added to the “~Gainer” (I’m with junior here as in one device could do many functions…):

The ‘dual panning’ feature like in Cubase. Check this page for a description.
Basically: the current panning in Renoise is the classical one that changes the volume of L and R channels depending on how you pan. What the ‘dual panning’ does is it lets you adjust the panning of L and R channels separately.
The ‘combined’ option does the same thing but kinda links the L and R channels.

In a “Gainer” device in Renoise it could look like this:

  1. You’d have two panning sliders: one like now and another one below that would be greyed out/disabled by default. Then you’d have a checkbox to enable “dual panning” and then the second slider would enable, acting as a R channel slider and the first one would change to a L channel slider.
    You could then pan L and R separately.


  1. You’d have a checkbox to enable “dual panning” and the slider would then work in a way as the ‘combined’ slider in Cubase. For example: When moving the slider all the way to the right the right channel would not be affected, but the left channel would be moved to the center.

The first one gives you more control, while the second one saves space since there is only one slider.

I know this is more like an advanced feature, but I thought I’d mention it anway. It might spark some interest. (like from a l33t Cubendo user :P )

OMG, Renoise would get taht PRO sound!!! :panic:

(till then use the Host Emulator plugin… :D)

Even Flash 9 has this ;) I don’t know how i’d use it, but hey