Dual Screen Renoise

I’m using a dual screen setup, and it would be really really useful to be able to view the pattern editor and the mixer at the same time and set em up on a screen each.

Would this be possible? Is it something that’s planned?

Not possible at the moment, but you have a great deal of +1`s here:

Yep. Look at Mick Rip’s picture and read BYTE-Smashers words for how it should work to meet the Renoise ethos. I had only skimmed through that thread and made this one, which is again effectively the same idea. If Mick Rip had actually bothered to describe anything as well as illustrate it hopefully the thread would of gone off better and not dwelt on dockable windows so much.

Guess my forum search skills aren’t quite up to scratch :confused:

I’ll jump over to one of those threads then