Dual Screen Mockup

How many people would use this style of workflow?

I love it. Would really benefit from this sort of situation.

I’m guessing that this setup is what most users have in mind when they are asking for information on Renoise’s dual screen capabilities.

I’d use it in the same way.

Yay! +15 from me!

Replace the mixer with the audio editor and I’m all for it. :D

i would definatly use it :dribble:

definitely awesome

what i’d love even more would be to also be able to have ie both the sample editor and the mixer (both in half height) on the 2nd monitor. each element in renoise should be “modules” which you could move and resize after your personal taste!

detachable windows, +1. I would probably use it most with the diskop.

I would love this!

Would be useful indeed!

now thats a SWEET idea :w00t:


that metallic thing in the background is really bad if its in your studio!!!
you get ultra reflection in that room… remove
nice but useless you get bad responze and what you hear is not true…!!! Important
if it’z glass that’s more wrong!!!

I’m personally still going to push for “mirrored” GUIs that allow you to open whichever controls you want.

One Renoise per screen working on the same track = pwn.

+1 Will be realy useful! :drummer:


Hehhee, no, it’s not my studio. I don’t even have dual monitors. (what’s the point when it doesn’t work with renoise!) - no productive person can ever be that clean.

It was the first dual monitor setup I could find in Google Image Search :P

How should that work with the screen swith keys (F1 - F[n])?

Excellent idea, sir. I’d use it!

I take it noone agrees with me then? :P