Dual Screen

Have now tested dualview with both nvidia twinview and xinerama. flawless so far. Used twinview up until now. Xinerama from now on.

pics plz or stfu! ;)


hmpf… the screenshot util in gnome doesn’t seem to like xinerama much. It just snaps the first monitor for some reason. pics.The blank space on the right is full of renoise, really :) This is a 24" widescreen on the left and a 19" on the right, hence the difference in height.

Will see if I can dig up another program for taking screendumps that supports xinerama, any tips ?

take your phone or digital camera and picture the setup in yer studio? :)

May I ask you to test one small thing for me on this setup?

  • expand Renoise over the two monitors
  • open a context menu in the pattern editor on the right border of the left monitor

Does the context position menu get “clipped” to the left or right monitor boundaries, or does the menu show up in between the two monitors?

it snaps to the one of the two monitors that is closest to the mouse. A bit to far to the right (2-3pixels) and it snaps to the left side of the right monitor. 5-6 pixels from the edge it snaps to the left monitor edge. Hopefully this is the correct behaviour, because opening across the screens would be a pain :)

snappy snapp

Got the 24" yesterday, it’s so big that I think I finally has enough screen space, for a few months at least :)
(Just trying to use a laptop after you have become used to a dual screen setup. It’s a pain)

Yeah, thats perfect. Thanks!