Dub Techno chords with Renoise?

The guy in the vid below creates some really slick dub techno chords utilizing only native features in Ableton.

Is the same possible in Renoise? I tried to do what he did parallely in Renoise but my chords weren’t quite on par with what you can hear in the video.

I gotta admit that I’m not very tech savvy as I’m mostly a sampling guy but those lush Dub techno chords have always intrigued me.

Anyway, post tips and tricks that will help to create some really lush sounding dub techno chords using only native features of Renoise :slight_smile:

as soon as i get to my place i can give you some tips :slight_smile:

i’ve posted some



you can kind of rebuild his setupt with renoise devices

saw sample thru lowpass filter as renoise instrument to do what his operator synth does. filter and volume close in one beat.

thru analog bandpass filter effect with lfo or automated to mimic his autofilter

thru a parallel reverb chain, stacking rev, chorusses, eq to do same to color as he does. renoise reverb is not as lush as ableton, but you can stack or also use convolvers to get smoother, deeper reverb. it is important for the sound, especially the low mids must be deep and you must be able to filter/eq the color of the reverb independently of the dry sound. the color settings etc on the mpreverb is not enough, and it alone might sound too cheap.

dry mixed back maybe thru compressor to make it snappier with send, then all through multitap delay, and a compressor.

just look at the settings he uses in ableton, most you can transfer to renoise devices, just the reverb is tricky. he can adjust the saw filter action, the autofilter, the reverb color (try eq/filter on 100% wet reverbs), and the delay bandpass freq. it is important to tune these settings according to the mix, and you can also automate some of them. it also need patience and good ears, the sound involves a lot of depth tuning to sound right.

Edit: Oh and then play 1 beat long g-minor chords in some rhythm with gaps in between.

The dub chord from the Redux promo comes to mind here.

It’s a modified version of the “Dub Denker” instrument (factory preset), EQ’ed, with multiple multitap delays, digital filter and a convolution reverb for those reverse-sounding echoes.

Can be heard in the first and last seconds of the promo video, and in it’s raw form here:


Getting a good reverb going is always the trickiest part - I would stack a few ones, perhaps turn it into a separate doofer device

(hm, didn’t Achenar once post a video about stacking reverbs? Pretty sure he did…)

But most importantly, get a good basic sound going - I’m sure you can work out the rest by having some fun and experimenting.

Did this in 2010 with Renoise. Quite an oldie, but still sounds very nice.