Dubstep, Jong Belegen

Hi, one of my favorites demo songs that come with Renoise is Jong Belegen (Vivace), in SoundCloud is taged like “dubstep”.
I want to start listening some Dubstep. From what I read:
“the rhythm tend to rely on a kickdrum based around the first and third beat of a bar (a characteristic inherited from 2-step garage) and longer percussion loops than the four-bar phrases present in much techno or house”
Then a “Wobble Bass” at double tempo.
I know about the wobble bass, the basic rhythm, but which type of percussion loops phrases are used? How they interact with the Kick & snare patterns? Is the kick exactly at the beginning of the beat? and the snare?

Dubstep is usually pretty sparse in the drums department. The basics are just a huge kick and snare and a shaker/hat of some sort. You can throw some breaks in there, as dubstep started as an offshoot of drum and bass.

The kicks are almost always at the beginning of the pattern and often each bar.

One thing about Jong Belegen (which I agree is a super sick track) is that it’s faster than most dubstep. Most dubstep doesn’t stray too far from 140 BPM.


double tempo variation on the drums in that ^ track… does change stuff up a bit. think i heard of something called half-step which is a hybrid of dubstep/d’n’b i guess.

you might like these:





Speaking of Demosongs, what happened to nt’s “Please Let Me Be”?

This is not very ‘Jong Belegen’-like stuff you know… I don’t get it why you suggested those.

captain mission wrote: I want to start listening some Dubstep.

then went on to talk about drums, and those YTs are very drum oriented dubstep.

Most of the time you’ll want to start from something like this :

K---------------K--------------- Kick
--------S---------------S------- Snare

Tip for the sound : Use comp + verb/delay on Snare.

Then try adding some offbeat hihats like:

K---------------K--------------- Kick
--------S---------------S------- Snare
–C-C-C-----C-----C-C-C--------- Closed HH

Then create variations from it mostly by adding kick rolls / ghost snares / hihats in a groovy way…

Most of dubstep beats are inspired by hip hop and drum n bass.
Just listen to some dubstep, get used to, then try some live keyboard drumming in Renoise ;)

Thanks for the answers, suggestions & tips.
Its true, these songs posted are not very Jong Belengen alike, but are good examples of dubstep. The Vivace song is much more Dynamic.

I think it’s safe to assume dubstep has some ‘common’ characteristics:

  • 140bpm
  • 4/4 rhythm, snare usually on 3rd
  • bass focuses lfo-rate

Jong Belegen was made on a ‘3/4-grid’ so the shuffle was easier to program (think of it as a very fast 3/4 rhythm), at a tempo of 120bpm. Very ‘un-dupstep’ for something that calls itself dubstep… But the track was much inspired by ‘Squarefeet’ and ‘Alpha Centauri’ by Noisia, which are more like hiphop/dubstep- and electro/dubstep-crossovers. What’s in a genre, eh? :)

Cheers man!

Hi! The man himself has spoken! hehehe. I was not aware of the 3/4 time, a very important thing. You programed it at 120 (or 140) and then set the tempo at 280?
Cools songs “Squarefeet” & Noisia, I was searching for more stuff like Jong…, thanks

Hah, and the man himself remembered wrong. I DID program it at 140 bpm, not 120 bpm, but I used 280 bpm to get more resolution (consider it a zoom-in, you get twice as much lines when you double the bpm). But because I programmed it on 3/4 scale (patternlength 60), it gets a different flow than ‘usual’ dubstep. Though I guess you can also program the shuffle in patternlength 40, I found this easier at the time. :)

keith303’s “Ride The Lightning” isn’t really dubstep, but the bass he used would work pretty well.

Jong Belegen just like Ride the Lightening are pretty much cult tracks.

I haven’t heard (m)any other dubstep tracks which use as expressive bassline as Jong Belegen though.

True dat! The native fx have really come along and this track really does shine due to this (and of course Vivace’s superb work). More uber-wobbles!!