I recently finished my debut dubstep ep. My used tools were Renoise,
samples from Freesound.org and the plugins Audjoo Helix and Sampletank free.
You can have a listen on Bandcamp:


Really nice tunes, but I wouldn’t really go calling it dubstep.

Thank you! So how would you call it?

First is a bit dubsteppy, but Maya is a bit more IDM.
Nice song btw!

Real cool dude. It doesn’t have the swing needed to be dubstep in the classical sense. Make a longer EP next time. Cheers from Detroit!

I would put it into the “Electronica” genre. There are definitely elements of dubpstep in there, but it isn’t really exactly neither classic dubstep nor the modern Transformers Having Sex type of dubstep.

It’s DSTWMTB. (DubStep That Wasn’t Meant To Be)

Thank you for the support. And greetings back to Detroit.

Ich fand die EP nice, vielleicht ein kleines bisschen unabwechslungsreich, das kann aber auch Absicht deinerseits gewesen sein. Allerdings würde ich empfehlen, für die EP erstmal kein Geld zu verlangen, bis du dir halbwegs nen Namen gemacht hast.

Ein guter Gedanke, den du da anbringst. Auch wenn es mir widerstrebt,
meine Arbeit ganz ohne Gegenleistung anzubieten, wird das wohl
langfristig mehr bringen. Danke dir!


Very cool! I really like your music.
I think it has some breakcore/breakbeat elements, and has a chill/ambient athmosphere… :)

All the best!

I really like “Maya”. Enjoyed most from 3:50 to around 4:30…especially that really subtle background pad. I think it’s a very pleasant example of foreground / background separation. Nice job & thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the words, guys!