Dude Mood

Hi there!

I made some vlog music or so. I don’t really know the style. Would be cool to get feedback.



Was this created using Renoise?

(Forgive me if that’s a stupid question, but I’m simply curious since you’re a brand new forum member…)

Was this created using Renoise?

Yes, Renoise only except for the mastering.

(I have been “shruggy” (and another account) but lost my password + email for that account, didn’t really ask to recover it…)

I see :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the forum then!

Cute graphics. Did you also create those?

Quite an interesting tune anyway. You are spot on with the “vlog music” style, haha. I could easily imagine this playing behind a Casey Neistat video or something like that, with lots of nice edits syncing to the sounds in your track.

Nice work!

Yes, I drew that bunny in inkscape and placed it on a free background with some colors changed.

Casey Neistat videos were the reason why I found Joakim Karud, and I liked his music so much.

Thanks for your feedback!