Dumb newbie questions

Hello! Another day, another forum… nice to be here :slight_smile:

So… I’m taking my first faltering steps with renoise - can you believe I hadn’t heard of trackers until two days ago?!

I hope nobody minds, but I’d like to ask some dumb newbie questions for a while so I can get my bearings, yes - I am reading the manual, but it’s also helpful to be able to ask when I think WTF?

So-- first question, having randomly banged in some notes via the keyboard on a few tracks, why does one of the tracks have an extra notes column? It’s wider than the rest… and it bothers me!

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Just delete it like this


Aha! most likely I inadvertently clicked the plus button at some point… cool, that solves that little mystery, cheers!
Would I be right in thinking that the extra columns are for adding notes to form chords?

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Yes. Also if you hold the left shift key and play a chord in the pc keyboard it will put all the notes of the chord automatically in different columns for you.Easy shortcut so you dont have to put notes one by one


Yes, but not only that. If you’re using VSTs and you’ve got an instrument which can slide from note to note similar portamento, you can do that if you set one note in the first column and the next note in the second column. If you would set the notes in one and the same column there wouldn’t be any sliding.

Damn! For 11 years I didn’t know that. This will shorten the editing. Thanks!


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