Dumb Question - How Do I Install Renoise 1.281


you can start by downloading the demo version of renoise 1.281.

if you are registered user: log in to your regged user page and
get your registered exe. then drop it into same folder where you
installed your demo version of renoise).

hope it helps! :)


ps. you can have multiple renoise versions at once. just choose another
folder where you install it. or you can just delete your old renoise folder
if u wish not to keep 1.26 anymore.

if you want to overwrite an older installation, the best thing to do is this:
1 - keep a copy of the XML files
2 - uninstall old version
3 - install new version
4 - overwrite new XML files with backuped ones

Thanks for that info, I’ve had to upgrade to 1.281 now for the Longtrack project.

Thanks :D