Dump Samples From Xrns/Xrni Files

i know it’s been done many times before but i thought i’d do it again just for the sake of convenience, transparency and offering more choice.

download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6676816/xrndump.sh


xrndump SRC [DST]  
SRC - XRNS/XRNI file  
DST - dump directory, if not set the directory name has the same name as the source file (without the extension)  

the script dumps all the sample files into a directory of the same name or a directory of your choice. if there are samples that have the same name the script checks if they are identical and if they aren’t it renames the sample when it’s copied to the dump.
the script was tested on Ubuntu (Linux). i’m sure there is room for improvements. use at your own risk.

what other common extensions do samples have besides .flac and .wav?

Occasionally, by manual intervention, .OGG