dump trackdsp content from track to sample fx chain?

(esaruoho) #1

how do i dump trackdsp content from a specific track into the sample fx chain?

i just went through the amazingly tedious work of cmd-x on one effect, to cmd-v it to sample fx chain, and did that for 8 efx. i don’t ever want to do that ever again. what do i have to do to dump these specific plugins with these specific settings from trackdsp to samplefxchain?

is there a tool for this?

(Achenar) #2

Right click in the effects area and copy/paste using the ‘Device Chain’ section of the menu.

(esaruoho) #3

is there an api method for it, i.e. one shortcut that just does it?

(danoise) #4

Point to the track, and fire off this statement


(filename could be pointing to a unique temp file - see also os.tmpname)

then point to the track in your instrument, and do this:


Note: Renoise doesn’t differentiate between “instrument” and “track” device chains, but I think it will either complain (fail) or some devices will not make the transition - namely, things like the instr. macro device.

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