Dunno Bug But Visual Presentation

pirjo perfektionisti reportoi:

i wanted to drive ma dry melodies dierctly to SEND01 cos there ws already frikin great delay fx. oki, i put send device to that clean melody track dsp chain and also AFTER send, a lfo (-> to modulate send slider [lazyass]). oki if you try this, lfo jumps right before send, not after it…confusing, i have used to have effects an their lfo´s on right hand, to clearify things…haahha, peace…saturday chilling cheese //r0b

Why dont you simply drag it behind the send device if you want it to be there?

But if anyone else would find that useful, I could add a:

When the last added device is a SendDevice and the new device is a LFODevice:
Add the new device behind the SendDevice
Add the new device at the end, or before the first SendDevice if there is one

Sorry for the pseudo programming language (dont worry, I am not yet dreaming in such sentences), but thats what you mean, or?

exactly, i did it…it was just confusing atm, cos i think 1.5 was adding next fxs after send device…muscle memory