Duo-Mono Record Option

In the sample record window, you can either record dry and monitor effects, or you can record and apply effects immediately. The second option is really useful and can save a ton of time if you want to apply a VST effects chain to everything your record. For me personally, the idea is to record DI guitar, process it with a VST effects chain, and then you have an .xrns that will work even if you don’t have access to the plugins that were used.

The problem is, because the DI is mono, any stereo effects will be summed to mono. Stereo delays, stereo expanders, chorus effects, reverbs, it all gets summed to mono in this process because the recorded sample itself is mono.

The way to solve this in the current work flow is to record dry, individually adjust each sample to stereo, then apply track effects, over and over again for every single recording.

What I propose is a duo-mono check-box in the record sample window that becomes available when either L or R is selected. That way you don’t have to individually adjust each recording to stereo if you record dry, and you have the option of applying an effects chain with stereo information directly to the recording as you record.

Unrelated, but another huge time saver would be a “autoseek” check box in the record sample window, so you don’t have to click it on every single recording you make.