[Dupl Fixed 2.7.1] Incorrect Loading Of Old .Rni Format

Putting together a starter pack for the collaboration project I’m doing, randomly selecting some Instruments from my collection and going through them and I’ve noticed Renoise does not load the old format .rni Instruments correctly.

All samples are there but only Sample 00 is mapped across the whole range, old key-mapping is lost.

Is this to be expected and I should just forget about them/manually convert them? Or is this a bug that needs fixing?

Not sure if it’s been reported in the past as rni is a hard term to search for ;)

Already covered and fixed for the next update:

Thought I had seen it but forgot about the Pending forum so did a quick search for rni* (due to three letter limit) and scanned first three pages of this forum and didn’t find out. Glad my memory/suspicions were correct and it’s already been reported and fixed. Will remember about the Pending forum from now on :)