[Dupl Fixed 2.8] Linux Demo: No Tooltips?

Hi there,

I was asked to report my problem here, so here it goes:

I downloaded the most recent Renoise demo for Linux (32-bit) from the website yesterday and gave it a spin. I noticed that there are no tooltips anywhere in the app when hovering buttons or other interactive elements and was wondering whether this is a bug or intentional. If it’s intentional I’d be happy if tooltips were to be added (including keyboard shortcut in the tooltip, if available), as it greatly eases the learning curve.



this should have been fixed in the upcoming 2.8 release; see [here](http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/topic/31186-fixed-28-strange-clipboard-behaviour-no-tooltips-with-ubuntu-unity/page view findpost p 257134 hl tooltip fromsearch 1)

Yep, in 2.8 all is fine