Duplex 0.92


I just got a novation zero sl mkII and I’m trying to use it with renoise through duplex and automap. In the duplex browser it says "load the provided automap configuration before using (the file is located in controllers/remote-sl-mkII). Where on earth is this file? I’m on OS X.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I didn’t think it was worthy of it’s own thread.

The file is included in the Duplex XRNX package. After installing, it will be here:


Found it now, thanks for the help. Just out of curiosity how accessible is lua for programming noobs? I’d like to improve the novation sl mkII functionality in duplex but I’m not really sure what the limits are. Is it possible to have effects parameters pop up on the sl screen instead of just midi cc? Is any further development planned with getting duplex to play nicer with automap?


If this is the only way to update the display, I think you’re stuck with CCs for now - Automap isn’t supported natively by Renoise, and therefore, not Duplex.

Hello, does it work with a apc40 ?

You are referring to this thread? Baze did some investigation into the APC, but at the time (mid-august) Duplex wasn’t really ready to support the APC, but it should be fully capable now.
So, if anyone wants to make a control-map for the APC 40/20, just say the word.

i just installed beta8 of renoise 2,6 and at start-up theres a error message regarding duplex

mainlua:184: attempt to call method `add´ (a nil value)
stack traceback :
mainlua:184: in main chunk

EDIT:it seems to get solved when downloading and installing it again after installing the beta8

Hello thank you so much. How can I do?

Wow, if you want to participate, that’s great!
You have an APC40 or APC20? Because we should really try to support both machines if possible :slight_smile:

Let’s also exchange ideas about the best possible way to use this controller. It’s a shame not to put up a “grand vision” first, like: I want to be able to do this and by pressing this button, that thing happens, etc.

I’ll put a basic control-map template together ASAP, so we have something to get started with…

Danoise, you are one driven person, I thank you for that! Great work.

I have a apc40, I m not a coder, and my english is poor, but tell me what to do and I ll execute, how can I help?

Hey TouchOSC iPad users, i’ve “ported” the layouts that the iphone version comes with to the iPad. so for example, now you can get the Simple layout working on it.

I’m afraid I got the same bug as I had in post 8 of this thread. Running 0.94 / beta8 now.

Thanks for reporting this! Will fix ASAP Should be fixed now on both tool page & SVN

Have a look at this:

This could be the configuration that automatically starts when you plug in the APC and start Renoise.

On the actual device, the grayed-out controls are the ones that are unmapped (but they can be mapped using normal MIDI mapping == best of both worlds)

The grayed-out items in the lists are unassigned application methods. If you think some of these are too cool to be left out (pattern loop? schedule next/previous pattern?), it’s your job to figure out a better layout :wink:

An interface builder, sure. But it’s a hell of a lot of work to code, just to generate a pretty simple XML file. Also, it needs to be done only once per controller.
But I can see the advantages when it comes to building “imaginary” controllers én masse…

However, I’d rather invest some of that time bringing a visual/interactive mapping dialog into life (no more need to mess with lua files, and less chance of screwing up things)

Indeed, fixed! Thanks again dude :)

p.s. the UI mapping dialog sonds like a good way forward. Would save some of us ‘coding novices’ I’m sure!

Is there an application in duplex for playing notes?
for example so you can use a matrix to play drums/melody

I haven’t spent enough time digging, but before I go chasing I thought I’d ask - where is there information on building my own controller map for a piece of midi gear? I prefer using the actual knobs on the synths usually but I have gotten accustomed to being able to remote control synths from the daw… I was always hoping this day would come w/ renoiose!

In particular I’m anxious to get a dash built for the waldorf microwave xt. there are so many parameters that don’t even have knobs on that orange monster.


Depends on what you mean by “play”. There is a StepSequencer application that can turn a Launchpad, or any other grid controller, into a (surprise!) step sequencer. I’m also working on another type of sequencer that doesn’t require a grid controller.
But if what you meant was to trigger notes in realtime, like a ‘drum-pad’, then unfortunately that’s not possible in the Renoise API at the moment.

There is no documentation on how to write a control-map, except what is written inside the class file itself, ControlMap.lua. But perhaps it would make more sense to simply look at one of the existing control-map that Duplex comes with? Find a controller that is reasonably close to what you want, and use that as a starting point. After all, control-maps are simply XML files and can be written using any text editor.