Duplex - Akai APC-40 - Assigning controllers with midi learn


I’ve just bought an APC40 and want to use it with Duplex - Grid Pie. Everything runs fine, the grid matrix and the faders work as I hoped it would, excellent!

Now I have 16 rotary controllers on my apc40, they are all automapped by Duplex/Grid Pie; The top 8 are assigned to track control (panning and such) and the lower eight are assigned to effects on the track I have selected.

Can I decouple the 16 rotary controllers from the automapping? I just want to use them with midi learn, and not per track, but just global. So I would just like a rotary controller to control a filter, and when I selected a different track, I just want to control that same filter, so no different setups per selected track.

I also noticed that when I enter midi learn, the I can’t assign the track controls (the upper 8 rotaries) to anything, only the lower 8 controls are assignable.

I hope somebody can help me out here, Thanks people!

I have done some more reading and testing and I think I can rephrase my question.

The Duplex Grid Pie application has a default set of mappings. That’s great for the matrix, because they need to be mapped to the pattern matrix.

But my dials are mapped to things I don’t need like panning.

Is it possible to only keep the mappings for the pattern matrix. But use my dials as a normal controller setup, with midi learn?

That way I can use the matrix on my controller with the pattern matrix in Renoise and map the dials on my controller to any device slider via normal midi mapping.

I really hope somebody can point me in the right direction, thanks.


Effect = {
      mappings = {
        parameters = {
          group_name = "Lower Knob1",
        param_prev = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 1,
        param_next = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 2,
        device_prev = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 3,
        device_next = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 4,
        preset_prev = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 5,
        preset_next = {
          group_name = "Control",
          index = 6,

In the block above, my dials are mapped to param_prev, param_next, device_prev etc.

I’ve been searching for a method that just makes the dial send midi, so it will lock on via normal midi learn to my sliders. Can’t find it though, don’t even know if it’s possible.

Without it, I will not be headliner on Awakenings Festival next year :slight_smile: