[DUPLEX] APC20 Step sequencer?

Hey this is my first post here, just started playing around with Renoise, great software !

I recently installed the Duplex Tools, which allows me to use my APC20 in different ways, but what I would be really interested in is using it as a step sequencer (similar to the Duplex Sequencer mode on the Novation Launchpad), I’ve tried copying the config files from the launchpad and manually “porting” them to the APC, but being kind of a noob, it eeh, kinda almost works, close but no cigar I guess

There was a previous topics (linked below) within which an user shared a config file for doing exactly this but I can’t access the link (“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”)

Does anyone have access to this file and would share it with me ?
Otherwise, could anyone help me try to port the Duplex Sequencer to the APC20 ? (Or point me to useful ressources so that I can figure it out on my own maybe)
I’m not exactly an expert but it genuinely doesn’t seem too complicated and it seems like it would be a nice addition to Duplex (There’s actually quite a few controllers I can think of which would benefit from having a sequencer mode)

If I have to go the “do it from scratch” route, I’ll make a second post (Perhaps close this one and make a separate topic?) documenting my progress so far and where I’m struggling to get it right

Hope you can help :slight_smile: