Duplex: APC40 MKII


if I’m correct, there is no APC40 MKII layout for duplex. I just created the files if someone is interested:

APC40MKII.lua (3.4 KB)
APC40MKII.xml (15.8 KB)
MatrixEffectNavigatorTransportMixer.lua (4.4 KB)

How to install:
0) make sure you have installed Duplex (e.g. open Renoise, click “Tools”, then you should see and entry “~Duplex”)

  1. open Renoise
  2. click “Tools” then “Scripting Terminal & Editor…”
  3. in the terminal select Duplex folder: User Scripts -> Tools -> com.renoise.duplex -> Duplex
  4. right click on “Controllers” then “Reveal Directory in File explorer…”
  5. copy and paste folder “APC40” and rename to “APC40MKII”
  6. delete all files inside the new folder but keep the subfolders (“Controlmaps”, “Configurations”) and the file “APC40.bmp”. Rename “APC40.bmp” to “APC40MKII.bmp”.
  7. copy “APC40MKII.lua” and “APC40MKII.bmp” to folder “APC40MKII”,
  8. copy “APC40MKII.xml” to “Controlmaps”, copy “MatrixEffectNavigatorTransportMixer.lua” to “Configurations”
  9. in renoise click “Tools” -> “Reload all Tools”
  10. you should now be able to use APC40MKII (“Tools” -> “~Duplex” -> APC40 MKII)

Note: You can’t use the APC40 (MKI) file as the matrix buttons deliver different midi messages and also the sysex-midi-message is different. In the APC40MKII.lua file I changed the class to define some colors. Up to now I only defined some colors like green, red, blue, pink ect. but way more colors are possible with the APCMKII (feel free to modify the colors). I also created a .bmp file with the MKII picture but there is an error when duplex loads this file.


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I’ve tried this, I appreciate your efforts

But a lot of things just don’t work or act weird
The pre/post button doesnt work and resets every volume (it does work in the duplex browser only)
and the knobs have double mappings for L/R and sometimes for the wrong channel

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Hey Maxim, thx for reporting this.

Maybe check if the correct controller is selected?
open Duplex -> go to “Settings” -> make sure that in the “input” and “Output” dropdown menu your APC40mkII is selected. A wrong selection happens sometimes to me and I wonder why everything misbehaves.

Regarding the knobs: the 8 top knobs should change the panning on track 1 to 8. The 2x4 knobs on the right should change parameter of the first effect device which is on the selected track. If there is no effect device, this buttons change the “first” effect, which is the mixer (=volume, panning, width ect is controlled). As soon as you add an effect device (e.g. chorus) to your track, it should be fine.

Pre-post-button works fine for me. It sets the fader position to pre- or post-Volume level.

Hope that helps and let me know if u still experience wired things :slight_smile:

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