Duplex - Arturia Keylab Mkii - question about what buttons to use


Thank you for the help previously.

I was wondering if there was any other people that have a Keylab mkii and use it with Renoise? I will be posting the code after I finish adding a bit more functionality. I have it lit up for all the contextual goodness. with the center console for navigation, right side as full mixer and left for transports

atm i am trying to find a way to switch mapping of the mute row to solo with a a button input. does anyone have a good way to do this? i tried using the xml states but it wasn’t what i was looking for.

also getting the current value of a button? as the keylab has an function to make the mutes as toggle selection. i am going to write a function to overwrite this to display the current mute value.

I have a few buttons spare on the left. so if one has some suggestions to what should be there/ common functions. I can add them

I wonder if you’ve been exploring the various types of buttons you can specify in the controlmap (@type attribute)?

Edit: just realized that the link in the Duplex docs on github has a broken link. Until this gets fixed, here is the relevant part from the (old) duplex manual:

Cheers Danoise for the information, I found that useful

I figured out a way for saving values, so it is close to complete. still want to fill up the buttons to the left of the center panel so if anyone wants to give their 2 cents, I can add them.

Hi, did you get this working? If not I’m about to go through the same process with my KeyLab MKII 49. If you’ve got code to share I’d be extremely grateful!

Here you go. i hooked everything up in xml, however commented some parts out. there is one setup which the slider/ pot/ buttons to the left is the mixer and master fader. center dial and buttons control navigation, transpose buttons work and besides metronome are left empty to be filled.

its made my workflow so much faster

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I only just checked back in on this @Aisjam you’re a legend! Thanks so much

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