Duplex: Arturia Keylab MKII

New Duplex configuration for the Keylab MKII:


All lights works with differents color and react to Renoise change and Keylab change.
All parameters name, instruments name, track name display on screen and react to Renoise change and Keylab change.

Due to the use of lights for PADs (not the default one that are semi lighted) and some bugs in USER mode with lights, i had to use the standard midi port hence the Analog Lab mode don’t work anymore but you can use Instrument Automation device with the preset in the package to have the parameters name on screen (Part 1 and 2 only).
Lights works as usual in Analog Lab.

Some mode change (DAW/Analog Lab/USER) need a press on the “Out” button to recall all the lights, i can’t check which mode are choose in certain order so i had to use a button.

DAW Commands work the same in all modes.
The arrow on transport buttons select previous/next pattern.

In the package, there’s the default Renoise midi file, all Keylab presets, nearly all VSTi default midi map i was able to save (you need to load them as default in the VSTi).
The corresponding pad to trigger to enter in the correct preset for the instrument selected is hilighted everytime you change instrument. Trigger it will enter USER mode with the corresponding preset.

Please let me know if you have some ideas or encounter bugs… it was tested since one month without any issues but i probably have missed some.

Due to the autorized extensions, i had to upload the package elsewhere: