Duplex audio recording


I’m having some trouble setting up for audio “Duplex” recording.

The initial bug is that the level “recorded sample gain” goes down to reduce the number of bits to 24 “in a 32 bit container/stream” . Upon resampling a sampled signal the signal gets progressively softer as a result of sampling 32 to 24. Setting the native sample container to 24 bits would resolve this. “I would have it at 24 bit int all the time”

Coming to the script section, would it be possible to write a script that grabs the master buffer, or assorted buffers. And puts them on the recording channel input. So you can realtime record your buffer without losing signal strength?

Many DAW users think that with “resampling”,there is no loss of quality…

Your question is good

I found a way around this, by putting the volume sliders way up to the top. This way the volume seems to be equal.