Duplex Beta Versions

Great, I confirmed it was fixed in the nanoKONTROL2. I think it should work on the other controllers as well. Thanks!!

And give me a few time for understanding whole about the keyboard app. This is far beyond my expectation. :blink: :D

I’ve found the most stable and reliable way to use my monome with duplex is to use the monomeserial configuration in duplex and the Max 5 serialosc->monomeserial bridge patch. Of course not the most ideal solution, but it seems to work consistently.

I did a quick edit to the monome128_keyboard lua file to try it out on my 64 (I just took out all the pads on the right.) Seems to work great, thanks for your work!

Cool, the monome configuration is a bit on the simple side ATM.
I think the final version should be a little more like the launchpad, where you at least get to control volume and have one (or more) keyboard splits to work with?

A new release, featuring improvements to Keyboard and bugfixes.
As usual, download link has been updated, as well as SVN

Duplex 0.98b12

  • Control-map “octave wildcard” (for mapping keys without specifying octave)
  • UIKeyPressure can now be mapped to a control
  • Keyboard: new mappings (instr/track_set/sync)
  • Keyboard: new options (upper/lower note range)
  • Keyboard: visualize upper/lower range on virtual keyboard
  • Pimped Keyboard configurations + new Grid Pie config
  • Fixes several bugs throughout Duplex

Is there support for Novation Remote SL61 (version 1 not mk2? I see mk2; or is mk2 backwards compatible with v1 SL61?).

Nevermind I sorted this. It works backwards compat. I had to choose “User2” as automap target on SL61.

Wow, this is crazy. Renoise is working better with my hardware than Ableton.

Presonus FaderPort: works flawless
APC40: works 99%
Remote SL61: works flawless

This is truly a testament to the skill of the development team of renoise.

Massive props. You guys are my fucking heroes.

I able to get the FaderPort and APC40 working together in Live, but not consistently - it was buggy. The Automap in SL61 clobbered some other stuff too. Renoise actually works better than any others so far.

I feel a little bit spoiled having so much control, but the reason I have these devices is because I couldn’t get some to work in other hosts; StudioOne and FaderPort obviously are in harmony, but so is Renoise now.

You guys are making it extremely hard to justify using anything but Renoise. If I didn’t have the need for a piano roll and session -> arrange recording in live (and the follow actions), with some better audio track handling, I wouldn’t even use any of the other hosts I own.

I’m willing to test and help out with Renoise in any way I can with my hardware devices.

Also I have an iPad and can help test touchOSC or OSC or whatever you guys need.

Hey grymmjack, thanks for the kind words!!

A while back, I received some feedback that a few controls didn’t work in SL 25 mk1 (namely, buttons beneath the faders). But perhaps this is not an issue with your device, being a different model and all?

That would be rather awesome. TouchOSC on iPad is possible, but so far we’ve not made any configurations for it. It wouldn’t be hard to make, but for some reason the TouchOSC editor doesn’t come with the iPad templates (except one called “Mix 2 iPad”), and I would like to base any standard Duplex configuration around those (as they are accessible to Android users as well. For some reason, you can’t edit nor import TouchOSC templates to that platform).

Assuming that the iPad version of TouchOSC comes with a set of templates made specifically for that device, does anyone knows where it’s possible to pick up these files?


I am trying to add settings for the Korg M3 to Duplex 0.98. So far the code seems to be quite self-explanatory and with the Duplex manual, most questions are answered for me. But some are still in my mind:

  1. Is it possible that Duplex auto-switches configurations for effect, mixer, transport and so on? I mean if I click on the “mixer” tab in Renoise, could duplex autoload the mixer config and if I click on the “pattern editor” tab, Duplex could load the “effect” config?

Or do I have to include all controls within one config then?

Is this actually possible?

  1. I would like to use the M3’s drum pads for track muting in the mixer config. The pads transmit midi notes from c-1 to g-1 with velocity. How do I describe them then as toggle buttons in the controller map? I tried different types, without any result.

  2. Is it possible to define custom settings for the Duplex “Device Settings” dialogue which transmit sysex values? So I could do some remote setup here.

Thanks for info.

Hi Jurek,

I can see your point - an even closer integration with Renoise. But since each configuration can be made up from multiple individual applications, it’s not easy to decide if a given configuration is valid for a given view (mixer, pattern etc). We have no semantics to tell us this.

But I guess it could be set up manually, if the SwitchConfig application was expanded with these options:

Option: Sync config to active view

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Option: Mixer view

  • Launch config #1
  • Launch config #2
  • Launch config #3
  • etc.

Option: Pattern view

  • Launch config #1
  • Launch config #2
  • Launch config #3
  • etc.

…and because “sync” really means “both ways”, it would also mean that activating a specific configuration should switch to a particular view in Renoise. Quite useful!!

Hmm… I have no problem using drum-pads as toggle buttons on my Remote SL, they are configured as type=“button” in the control-map. Would be quite strange if a drum-pad acted as a toggle-button on the hardware side… are you sure that you’ve described the correct note/pitch values in the control-map - can you see input from your device when you enable Duplex’ MIDI-dump feature?

Not as such, no, the device settings are pretty generic in nature. But tell me, are you looking for a way to set up your device per-configuration, or globally (for any configuration that deal with the M3)? Because, if it’s global then it’s quite easy to create a dedicated M3 “driver” which can contain sysex code - this is already done for several devices which require a specific command as they are initialized (e.g. the APC controllers).

danoise, my working let me try and understand. I have an older version, SL61, not the first RemoteSL, but the 2nd gen, SL61, not the mk2. The one in the middle :)

I can test for you. What is it specifically that is broken? The buttons don’t work, I guess I should have been more specific when I said works flawless I never use those buttons, only the knobs and the transport controls.

The way things are setup the APC40 works almost 99%, including the auto-magic 8 knob controllers on the focused DSP, faders, etc. The SL61 transport works, which is the main thing I was hoping for. The only thing that doesn’t work on that is the Loop button. The buttons under the faders and the knobs aren’t working. You mention loading a mk2.xml file, but I don’t know how to load this. I have Automap 4 installed though. Don’t know if this matters or not? The Faderport works as it should everywhere.

So I think maybe it is a bug, and I gave you false hope. Apologies for that. If you need help with the RemoteSL61 stuff I can try to help.

I have TouchOSC for iPad and the controller editor software too. You can make your own from scratch. I can send you these files if you need them. The files are TouchOSCEditor.exe, from touchosc-editor-1.2-win32.zip - TouchOSC Editor v1.2 Copyright © 2009-2010, RJ Fischer http://hexler.net

Does this help you? Let me know if I can be of more assistance. I can test/edit layouts if I am given good instructions. I’m still getting up to speed with the new stuff in 2.8 and learning lua/tool API stuff so have patience :)

I just realized I had to download one called LiveControl to use it with TouchOSC. (I am from Ableton land)

So yes you are right you probably know this all. If you want the LiveControl for reverse engineering let me know. It has a pdf doc, and the obvious layout files, etc.

Here is a screenshot of the TouchOSC editor when I use it, it’s got iPad or iPhone on left side…

Exactly, the row of buttons beneath the faders. It was mentioned that in the previous models, those buttons were not MIDI-mappable at all. I find that strange, but it’s possible. And if so, there’s nothing we can do about it really.
Can you see if Duplex is receiving any input when you press those buttons (enable the MIDI-dump feature and look in the console)?

Oh, and I have no idea why the loop button isn’t working. I am currently pimping the Remote configuration, so I’ll definitely look into this, and put some new features in there while we’re at it…

I did? The only file I can think of is the automap layout for the remote, it’s called Remote-SL-MKII.automap, and can be applied via the automap software.

Yeah, I have that as well but I don’t want to create new layouts, because Android users can’t use them. Instead I want to base the Duplex configs on the default set of templates, and so far I’ve not found anything but the “Mix2 iPad” template. But perhaps the iPad doesn’t even come with dedicated templates apart from that one?

It’s possible to make some awesome stuff with the editor, of course. Here’s a layout I did a while back:

I’ve created a voice-manager class for Duplex, and seems to work like a charm. No more stuck notes when using the Keyboard.

Also, I’ve added the keyboard application “here and there” (Remote pads, Launchpad, AKAI LPD8, monome…).
And it’s becoming just a matter of editing the configuration to support a device, so it seems the whole key/keyboard feature is getting there.

Download link has been updated

Hi danoise! after our talk in this topic: Midi On Multiple Renoise Instances
I have tried the triplestack midi-keyboard. besides that my problem with opening midi ports on the second Renoise instance isn’t solved with this, I don’t get any sound out of it.
this is what I do and see:

-Load an instument and checked if it makes sound
-load up duplex midi keyboard and set my midi ports up
now I can see the graphical keys correspond with what I press at my controller but it doesn’t sent it to the assigned or with ‘follow selection’ selected instrument.
I tried with a VSTi and with a sample. Am I missing something?

Most likely, it has to do with the OSC server in Renoise not being enabled:

Sorry, it’s not entirely obvious. Please check if this is the reason?
The final version of Keyboard will most likely remind you of this, the first time it is being launched.

Thanks for MackieControl… Since 0.98b12 Leds work perfectly, but now mixer doesn’t work…

Is there a solution for motorised mixer fader to turn at the right volume position when we load a song ??

(i’ve not try yet the 0.98b13…)

The way I understand you, the mixer did work in the previous version?

I don’t have any equipment that use the mackie protocol, but the mixer should respond to pitch-bend message on channel 1-8.
Let me see what I can do to check this out with my own setup…

Yes, this is how the Mixer is designed to work, bi-directionally. If it doesn’t, it has to do with the aforementioned issue.

A couple of things got changed in that release, for better or worse. But I’d recommend that you download the latest version.

Duplex 0.98b14 has arrived, the big news this time is the ability to combine native MIDI mapping with Duplex
The idea popped up a couple of days ago, was pretty easy to implement and all in all it seems pretty solid, but of course some more testing is required.

Basically, it works like this: each (MIDI) configuration now has a toggle in the settings which look like this:

If you enable the checkbox, all messages that are not handled by a Duplex application will be forwarded to Renoise.
The same is true when an application is stopped (in such a case, all messages are forwarded).
All of this will make your controller mappings a hybrid between scripted and natively MIDI mapped :w00t:
Note however that forwarded messages can currently only be MIDI notes and MIDI CC messages.

I’ve ensured that applications can benefit from this in perhaps not-so-obvious ways. For example, the Keyboard
will be able to use it’s upper and lower range to specify which keys Duplex should handle. The remaining keys
will then be forwarded to Renoise - a very powerful and easy way to split a keyboard.

The download link is located here

As the whole 0.98 release is nearing it’s completion, if any crash bugs are encountered please report them - none are known ATM[b]



Cool stuff!

Yes the mixer works with 0.98b11 but with 0.98b12 nothing happens. Just a thing, with 0.98b11 i need to move faders form bottom to top for duplex mackie and renoise volume faders begin to move.

Is there a function in particular that i can edit to try modify this ?

At this time, it doesn’t work… So i will try the 0.98b14

With respect

Thanks, that should give me something to go on. I won’t look into this issue the next few days though…

I can’t tell which position your volume levels are in from song to song, but it sounds like you’re describing the effect of soft-takeover / parameter-pickup? Please check the Mixer options and disable this feature if you don’t want this behavior.