Duplex : Notes On Wheels

Notes On Wheels (N.O.W.)
The download is now available in the Duplex beta-version thread

Learn about the available mappings from the source code, or check out the manual for a more general introduction to the sequencer


– About -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Notes On Wheels (NOW) is a realtime phrase arpeggiator/sequencer for Renoise,
basically a mix between an arpeggiator (oscillating between pressed keys) and
a step sequencer (repeating a programmed a series of notes). It allows us to
create a sequence and control all aspects of each step (such as the pitch,
velocity etc.) in realtime.

As for input, N.O.W. is very flexible, as you can both control it via the
virtual control surface and your controller (obviously), but it also features
an additional MIDI input which you can use for hooking up an external
keyboard. Finally, the virtual control surface will, when focused, detect and
respond to keypresses within a specific range (identical to the virtual
keyboard in Renoise, but only for two full octaves).
The virtual keyboard supports both ordinary transpose (one octave up/down from
the middle C), and multi-step sequences (press keys while holding the SHIFT
modifier). Same goes for the external MIDI keyboard, which can be set up to
act upon CC messages and pitch bend.

– Controller setup ------------------------------------------------------------

A dedicated control surface is located in the Renoise tools menu:
Duplex > Custombuilt > Notes On Wheels

Also, check out the compact version, which use fewer controls, but still
manages to contain every feature of it’s bigger brother. This is possible
because the sliders in that version are switching between the currently active
mode (pitch, velocity etc.), and therefore, require only a small set of
physical controls. Perhaps it’s a more realistic starting point for your wn
controller mapping than the fully expanded version? It’s located here:
Duplex > Custombuilt > Notes On Wheels (compact)

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i have no idea how to imagine a phrase arp to sound, but i can imagine this is pretty cool.


really awesome news…, will this be playable via qwerty also?

Yeah, definitely - one of the ideas is to support the use of an external MIDI keyboard, but I still have to think about the best way to integrate it with the qwerty as well. It’s probably going to require that you set focus to some dialog window (as this would allow capturing keystrokes without having to create customized shortcuts).

sounds very cool

is this similar to your PMClip idea in a way?

Wow! This sounds great! Can’t wait :)


no, the PMclip idea is about either a very basis clips-system or a advanced copy-paste system (depending on how you look at it).

this is about making sounds. :)

Allright, time for an update

Here’s what the various controls are doing:

Write: Enable to start output (can be synced with the edit-mode in Renoise).
Supports touch, latch and write modes
Learn: Very basic sequence import, still based on the original script.
Fill: Enable this fill the entire track with output
Global: Disable this to work on a single parameter at a time
Pitch/Velocity/Offset/Gate: switch between the various modes

The sliders to the right will adjust all steps for the selected parameter
Pitch: transpose all notes up&down by selected amount
Velocity: control velocity for all notes (0 is silent, 1 is full/unaltered volume)
Offset: ‘shift’ sample-offset values (good for breakbeats)
Gate: control overall note duration

First release (coming tomorrow) will not include the following features

  • Learn (it’s too sketchy for now)
  • Keyboard control (need to figure out how to integrate this into Duplex)

looking good! it’s tomorrow yet???

Yes, it’s alpha time !!

Edit: see original post for details and download

awesome,i havent used duplex in awhile,where is the duplex folder normally located,cant seem to find it

Quoting from the manual

thats weird i dont have a application data folder anywhere on my system(win xp sp 3)
also tried manually searching for it,and running a search without luck :unsure:

playing around now !! lots of fun so far, thank you so much :]

… in renoise go to tool browser and do right click on the duplex tool ‘show in explorer’ then in that folder you see the duplex folder in which you need to copy the files

Nice one! That’s much easier than pointing to a (hidden) folder deep inside the file system, thanks for the tip.

C:\Documents and Settings[i]username[/i]\Application Data\Renoise



Should take you there no matter where it is.

thanks now it works:)

I’ve never used Duplex, will I be able to understand how this tool works?