Duplex Beta Versions

(slippycurb) #521

thanks for that il bone up :slight_smile:

(hcv242) #522

Here’s a maintenance release of Duplex (v1.07), which should fix this bug.


If everything is working I’ll release it shortly.

thank you for the fix. working ok now. when i started renoise, for the first time after installing the new duplex tool, gui automation recorder (another tool) crashed and was disabled, maybe it uses duplex in some way? also, does duplex only records automation to envelopes, no pattern recording? renoise’s record to envelope button does not change where the automation is written.

crash print:


(danoise) #523

Hard to tell what went wrong there, as I didn’t write that other tool. But ideally, they shouldn’t step on each others toes.

The tool didn’t get entirely disabled though - it’s just the failing component (notifier) that got disabled. It will be back the next time you run Renoise (or, if you have scripting enabled, you can “Reload tools” to reset everything).

also, does duplex only records automation to envelopes

Yes - duplex only support this mode for now. But, good idea nevertheless smile.png

(boonier) #524

My Launchpad S is seemingly failing on me and for the cost of repairing it, I may as well spend the extra on a Mk2 or ideally a Pro model.

Has any work been done to support the Pro model and the nice extras that it affords? I know it has the buttons for Ableton (seems everything bloody does these days), but with a bit of thought they could be reappropriated to fit into Renoises workflow. Duplicating and pattern editing would be a massive help for example.

But that aside, will it work - with a little tweaking for RGB colours - out the box as my Launchpad S currently does?

(danoise) #525

Has any work been done to support the Pro model and the nice extras that it affords?

Not really, no. It would be awesome though -some work was done to support the Launchpad MKII, and similarly, perhaps someone could step up to provide support for the PRO? Or at least, provide some feedback as to how well it’s working with Duplex as-is.

PS: don’t be envious of the integration with Ableton - this is really not that different from what Duplex is doing with Renoise :wink:

(boonier) #526

Oh no I’m not envious of the Ableton integration :slight_smile: - it’s a great bit of software but it does seem to get a disproportionate amount of attention, so much so that the labelling is specific to Live on some of the models (not so much on the Pro model).

I’ve no doubt that a slick integration can be made with Renoise and I’d heartily help make that. Renoise deserves the exposure and having a controller such as this mapped as tightly will likely turn heads in its direction.

(boonier) #527

I just updated Duplex to the latest from the repo, (1.07 I believe)

I cloned the whole repo with --recursive to pull in the sub modules cLib etc. and then copied out the Duplex directory. Not sure if there is a better way, but anyway…

Now getting this error:

*** no static ‘HUGE_INT’ in class ‘cLib’
*** stack traceback:
*** [C]: ?
*** ./Duplex/ControlMap.lua:281: in function ‘get_params’
*** ./Duplex/Applications/Effect.lua:438: in function ‘_build_app’
*** ./Duplex/Application.lua:120: in function ‘start_app’
*** ./Duplex/Applications/Effect.lua:911: in function ‘start_app’
*** ./Duplex/BrowserProcess.lua:446: in function ‘start’
*** ./Duplex/Browser.lua:850: in function ‘start_current_configuration’
*** ./Duplex/Browser.lua:1525: in function <./Duplex/Browser.lua:1521>

Low and behold it’s missing from cLib.lua


AFAICT it isn’t missing from the most recent commit of cLib…

When you’ve done your clone it is pulling in an older cLib, it is not pointing to the most recent commit? I suppose you would have to manually download and copy the most recent cLib (and maybe any other submodule libraries) to properly sync your local copy. If I recall, I’ve had to do that myself.

(boonier) #529

Ah ok I see thanks mate

So how does @danoise package up this for general release I wonder?


We can only hope that danoise knows about his workflow boonier :smiley:
But whatever the special danoise magic method/system, it seems the github xrnx repo needs updating for users freshly cloning :slight_smile:

(boonier) #531

Hehe maybe he does what I did… not :wink:

(danoise) #532

Hey all,

AFAICT it isn’t missing from the most recent commit of cLib…

No, indeed this was fixed a while back. I will check if the Duplex repository is still pointing to an old version of cLib, that would explain the problem.

(boonier) #533

Nice one!

(Meef Chaloin) #534

I noticed that the luadoc reference link in Links and Resources is dead.


Yeh, looking for it. Thanks danoise