Duplex: Bliptronome patch

I’m not sure if I’m posting on the right topic - I’m new here ^_^

Anyways, I have a Bliptronome (an arduinome built into the shell of a cheap toy tenori-on knock-off) which works fine using ArduinomeSerial and the Monome64 duplex patch, however there are 4 rotaries on the bliptronome, which obviously aren’t supported, so last night I customised the monome64 patch to include them as effects controllers. I’ve been playing with it this morning and it seems stable :)

There is only one control layout included, which is a matrix + Effect + Trackselector, but if there are more bliptronome users out there (probably not) then I could include more layouts on request ?

As you have probably worked out from the above, the layout basically adds functionality to the Matrix to navigate to an effect device on a track and then control the first four parameters with the rotaries.

I have attached the code, but if danoise wants to integrate it into the main build, that would be great!

Hooray for the low-budget music makers :)

Hey, that’s cool. I would definitely consider this part of the next release.

Hooray for the low-budget music makers

Indeed - I have the larger (and expensive!) model monome, and often I’d like it to come with rotaries.
But don’t forget who popularized the grid format in the first place ;)/>

haha, yeah I’m just jealous ;) Do you have a github repo for Duplex browser I should fork ? or are you ok with the file attachment here ?

The zip file will do just fine, as the renoise-team scripts are currently hosted on code.google.com and you’d need to be a member first.

But various people have hosted their renoise projects on GH, and I wouldn’t mind if someone mirrored Duplex there. But personally I don’t use it, yet.

I’d be happy to mirror the project on my github, but I’m not sure how that would work when it comes to re-integrating the github trunk back into your googlecode trunk when someone makes a pull request on the github project ?

Hey LoneWolfWilliams!
Would you mind if I host that patch on the Bliptronome wiki wiki.straytechnologies.com? I don’t sell them anymore, but there are still a lot of people using the open-source instructions to do conversions. There may be some crossover from Renoise users who mess with the MIDIo visuals kit on Renoise, too.

That would be great (although it sounds as if the patch is going to be added to the main distro anyway ?) if you do decide to host it anyway then could you add a small credit for me with a link to my blog?

If there is demand for it I’d be happy to convert more of the monome 64 control maps in future.

Thanks for bliptronome!

Cool! I’ll wait until it gets integrated. Can you drop me a line when you see it (wil [at] straytechnologies [dot] com? I’m not opening Renoise NEARLY as much as I want these days!

I’ll post an article on the wiki (and link it back to you), and send the users straight to the Renoise site. Not a million users, but I’ll support these guys as much as can! I should look at doing a patch for the oneString usb ribbon controller. One of the settings just outputs 3 midi CCs from the ribbon, knob and pressure sensor.

I’d be happy to :) And yeah, you should totally write a patch - the Duplex browser code is really well structured and the documentation is good, so it’s nice and easy to do.