Duplex, Controllers And Linux

I feel a degree of envy when I see people using controllers such as the novation launchpad with Renoise. Does anybody know if/how well any of these controllers work in linux? Presumably renoise/duplex still relies on having a working driver for the hardware, do linux drivers exist for any of these controllers?

Well, I know that Kraken use the Ohm64, so it’s definitely possible to run Duplex on Linux :slight_smile:

As for Launchpad support, check the following thread (where someone hacked together a kernel module for ubuntu)

they should just work.

I have a CME UF5 and a BCF2000 that worked in renoise without drivers last time I checked linux.
Was plug n play by definition.

Ah, but the Launchpad isn’t a class-compliant device AFAIK, you need this for truly plug’n’play.

Someone called girodt posted this link on our xrnx page, it might be interesting also?

Thanks for the replies. I’ve ordered an Ohm64 :)

I’m on linux too and would like to get something like this too (have a BCR2000 already). But it seems that the ohm64 is much pricier (about 3x or so) and is missing the play buttons next to rows/collumns. It seems however that the ohm is much better build quality and offers other faders as well.

Anyhow, I’d be most interrested in hearing how you liked your ohm64 when you received it…

I’ve just got it!

I have a couple of beginners questions if somebody could help me out with it (Ohm64 on Ubuntu Linux)… In duplex I have kRAkEn/gORe’s control map loaded, are not all the buttons assigned? The track pans #5 to #8 don’t appear to do anything. Track volume #5 changes the master volume and track volumes #6 to #8 do nothing also. Track selects #5 to #8 also do nothing. Is this because it is still a work in progress, or is there something wrong?

Also without duplex running, I selected the controller as a midi device in preferences. I then tried to set up similar matrix controls in the midi mapping, but whatever I do I can’t stop the matrix type (1-64) buttons on the ohn64 playing notes, even if I clear the assignments. I’ve tried (seemingly) every possible combination of options but cannot get a button to toggle a matrix slot on/off. So far I can get mapping to work well for the knobs/sliders, but not the buttons. Any ideas?



Well, for starters the Ohm layout is awesome but tricky, because it has sliders in two separate groups. We’ve been discussing how best to deal with it, and this is what we’ve come up with: the Mixer application will simply get an extra option for specifying the type of track to display. This solves your problem, because we can then create a Mixer app for the left side which only display normal tracks, and another Mixer app on the right side for send tracks + master. Or you could even create two identical Mixer apps, with one of them simply being offset by 4 tracks, to make it appear like a single, coherent Mixer spanning across the Ohm…

If you look in the code for the Mixer application you will see some commented-out code, so at least some of the initial work has been done.

Thanks for the response. I’ve nothing to worry about then, I see this is just a work in progress.

I’ll post my question about midi mapping in the main help forum since it’s not specific to 2.6.