Duplex Edit Mode

I’m busy making a Duplex device for my Access Virus B, some buttons on which are faulty. The synth engine works fine, but with the dodgy buttons - as well as the fact that the unit’s a clumsy thing to keep within arms’ reach - I tend to control it as much as possible with MIDI CCs. Sure, I could use a MIDI-CC device template, but…bleh. Fiddly sliders that you have to scroll through, and you end up having to use multiple devices, etc.

SO. Building this got me thinking - an edit mode for Duplex which could be used on freshly generated blank templates; drag’n’drop (or right-click->choose->instantiate) knobs, sliders or buttons, right-click again to assign a MIDI CC value, trigger type or OSC snippet, lock everything into place by exiting edit mode…and voila!

It’s beyond my immediate capabilities, and for now I’ll happily plod along with my Virus B template, but such a mode would make template editing a snap. Also, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be compatible with future updates to Duplex that handle SYSEX, NRPNs, etc. Then we could share our custom device templates and everybody would be stupendously happy!



I couldn’t agree more. I had a go at editing the code from the BCF2000 and tried to make a patch for the Korg Kontrol 49, but out of the two sets of 8 buttons I assigned to it, only 4 worked (they were set up as velocity sensitive CC’s). I couldn’t get the layout looking right either. I’m sure there’s a whole host of things I’ll need to know before I can attempt a decent go at it, unless someone’s already working on a patch?! I’d also like the bi-directionality but my days of messing around with sysex were long ago, but I’d be tempted if I needed it.

Does anyone think a sticky for Duplex patches would be a good idea? A simple ‘what you need’ guide to setting one up would be useful too, because I’m just fumbling through it at the moment!