Duplex Help! Making specific effects behave the same as Mixer para

Using a controller with an 8-wide by 4-high array of knobs. Encoders1 represents the 8 knobs in the first row, Encoders2 the 8 knobs on the second row, etc. The first two rows are working properly with the Mixer “levels” and “panning” mappings.

HOWEVER - What i want is for the corresponding knobs in the 3rd and 4th rows to control specific effects on the same track as the mixer and panning. Every channel would be set up identically, with the first effect being a low-pass filter, and the second effect being a hi-pass filter.

Knob 1 - Track Volume (works correctly via Mixer application)
Knob 2 - Track Panning (works correctly via Mixer application
Knob 3 - Filter Frequency of first filter on the track
Knob 4 - Filter Frequency of second filter on the track

In a perfect world (and knowing that i likely will not actually be able to do this within the Mixer application) this is what the script would look like:

Mixer = {
mappings = {
levels = {
group_name = “Encoders1”
panning = {
group_name = “Encoders2”
Frequency of Filter #1 of Selected Channel = {
group_name “Encoders3”
Frequency of Filter #2 of Selected Channel = {
group_name “Encoders4”
options = {
follow_track = 1,
page_size = 8,

Any help appreciated!

Controlling the filter frequency of first/second filter could be pulled off if you choose to use the “Parameter Subset” feature of the Effect applications. Basically, it will show you any parameters whose slider is visible in the Renoise Mixer (hide and show any slider you wish to appear on the controller).

You can enable this feature via the Duplex Browser > Settings > Effect



Note to self: really should spend more time documenting the applications…

My favorite bit is that we actually got to building our own app, found that subroutine, but couldn’t figure out how to leverage it. I think I see it now, but realize I for the most part that I really don’t need to custom build with the built-in functionality.

Truly a great tool, thanks for all of your hard work :)/>

Is there any way to directly map a control to a parameter at a specific position in the track? Or perhaps, prevent a particular parameter from being automapped?

doh i just figured out how to use the mixer parameter setting. that’s what i was looking for thanks!