Duplex - is it dead?

EDIT: see below reply to myself here - I’ve been working on getting things working
Hi folks,

I’ve seen over this forum a fair bit of discussion of Duplex, but most of it goes back quite some time.

I bought recently a Launchpad mini mk3 in the hopes of finally achieving my dream of a sequencer that will integrate nicely for rhythm composing on the fly that I watch my partner do constantly on his Push 2 with Ableton. The ability to really just throw things together so quickly while the sequencer is rolling with a physical interface is something I really want to get to.

I’ve fired up Duplex, but saw straight away that it only seems to have support for older Launchpads.

Is there a profile engine that I could try and sink my teeth into to give the ability to sequence to my Launchpad Mini mk3? It would be a killer and cheap way to add this functionality to Renoise and massively improve my workflow especially for live jams (I’m using renoise lately mainly to drive my huge modular I’ve been hand building including some great analogue synth drums).

Any pointers would be great


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I had a go at adapting the Launchpad drivers to work with the Launchpad Mini MK3 this afternoon.

Weirdly, the midi notes reported by Renoise don’t appear to be correct on incoming (perhaps a bug, checked it on a couple of controllers) so I wasn’t getting things right.

Anyway I’ve adapted the GridPie and Step Sequencer here and have gotten them working, though there may still be some errors.

I don’t actually know how to use these, so some kind of video tutorial or manual would be wonderful if someone has one?

Ideally, I’m on the eternal hunt to be able to sequence drums/percussion in a step sequencer, which is what this quest is about, so happy to also take advice if there are other modules from Duplex that would do this job well.

See here for the files (perhaps I need to get in touch with the author to contribute them?):
Here it is



So as I dig further into this, I’m finding what I’m aiming for perhaps isn’t covered by Duplex as it currently stands?

I thought that perhaps the step sequencer would have provided this, but doesn’t quite what I’m after.

I’m chasing the dream of the drum sequencer that’s quite popular now with Ableton Push users as well as tools like “drivenbymoss” for Reaper where there is a drum sequencer that has a block of available midi notes taking up the bottom left 4x4 grid, and the sequencing takes place in the top half of the grid, you can tap a note (drum midi note) and then tap where you want to drop it in the rolling pattern above.

This step sequencer seems quite slow in terms of choosing the note, without just being able to prod the sound you want, then drop it where you’d like. Am I wrong? Is there an alternative layout or custom layout that might achieve these goals?

Are there others actively using Renoise + Duplex with a grid controller these days?

So, did you get Duplex working with the Launchpad Mini MK3?

Sorry I forgot to update here, I managed to build up a profile with the remapped keys to suit the mini mk3, but then I found that Duplex appears to be out of sync with the API offered by Renoise, and several functions and abilities cause crashes in renoise when you use them. Basically because Duplex hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s no longer fully compatible with Renoise which makes it basically useless unfortunately.

Ah bummer, that’s too bad (and a common problem with Renoise plugins breaking and not being updated). Thanks for the update though!

Damn! So how do I play a midi note from a CC comtroller?

By changing two lines, as instructed in this pull request, duplex runs way more stable in newest renoise release. Still not bug free, but it helps


FWIW, I have implemented proper support based on the zip from this topic (added a new configuration for the Recorder too) for the Launchpad Mini MK3 (automatic programmer mode + correct LED lightings) here:


Hi Philipp! I have a LP Mini MK3. I’m very interested in trying it in Duplex. But I’m not sure how to imlement it from the github files :confused:

I´m also interested trying LP Mini MK3 with Duplex, but I cannot figure it out how to install it to Renoise from github. Any hints regarding this would be very welcome.

you drag and drop the file of the tools on renoise and it is install