Duplex Korg Nanokontrol Configuration Files

Hello, here I leave my configuration files for Korg NanoKontrol in duplex.

The configuration was created for initial factory settings in NanoKontrol. 3 scenes are enabled (up to 27 tracks).

Transport (Play, Stop, Next, Previous, Loop and Edit Mode) are enabled in the 3 scenes too.

I hope someone can use it. Thanks

Thanks for sharing this cuubic! Will add this to the next duplex update.

Danoise: would be handy here, but they right now do not work, do they?

Awesome work cuubic!! Added to the Duplex list of controllers. As always, people can add their OS port names if they want to…

Nope, but the idea is that whenever a message is received from the device, we can choose to switch to the originating page in the virtual control surface, keeping the number of (visible) controls to a minimum. Luckily, this device layout is rather simple, so it’s not a big issue right now…

Btw: I’ve yet to see a controller that allows external control of the active page/scene, but someone might know about such a thing?

I’m glad you find it useful.

As far I know, the scene in NanoKontrol does not allow external update actually. Also does not send any control code CC when you change the scene, so you can not control it from Duplex. Anyway, just send a mail to customer support for Korg to ask about the topic.


Hi Cuubic, another Spanish-speaking user! I saw your post in hispasonic. Bienvenido a este foro!!!

jejeje capitan_mission un saludo!!! Esperemos que la “scene hispana” de Renoise siga creciendo.

Do you own the NanoPad, too? I’m asking because i just ordered one… :w00t:

Anyone with a korg padKontrol, got it fully working?

Thanks for the config!

What do you think about fader 9 always being the master track control?

excellent, im getting mine tomorrow.
do i need to install the Korg usb midi driver and Korg Control app for this?

btw. wouldnt it be nicer if the layout had the transport functions on the left
side just like the nanokontrol itself?..or just at the bottom for space concerns.

oh and do the buttons show only when the korg is connected?
all the buttons (duplex > nano preset) have 1 pixel icons.


while rewired as slave to ableton live, renoise doesn’t find the nanoKontrol saying can’t find mme.

any advice on this? is there some way to reserve the nanokontrol for renoise?

Is the nanokontrol also configured as input device in ableton? I’m guessing that the MIDI driver might not be able to be accessed by two programs at the same time

thanks for the help. rechecked the live options page. was thinking that if the nanokontrol was not showing in the top device list that it was not in the list of individual devices below. when I checked again, it turned out that the nanokontrol was showing (apparently automatically) in the input devices list below and had been selected at some time. It has been some time since I used the nanokontrol and I had forgotten my setup.

I am just learning renoise and am Impressed with the duplex tool. using monome128 now and nanokontrol. off to figure out the
methods for using the nanokontrols pots, next! thanks to all who put this system together.

one other question about the beta recorder under duplex. Is it usable for rewired input or for standalone renoise?