Duplex - Launchpad colors

Hi, hope someone can shed some light on this:

I often use my Launchpad (mk1) with Duplex, and mostly the mode “Matrix, Transport, Navigator”.
Works fine, except when I have a lot of tracks it’s hard to know whats what - all tracks and matrix blocks from Renoise are colored yellow on the LP, and red when muted.

I know it does not matter what colors i’ve set in Renoise tracks and blocks, so is there any way I can change the pad colours on the LP, and store the settings in the XRNS somehow so that it will load the same setup every time?

The original LP does not have an awful lot of color shades (15 possibilities in total, if I remember right), so it’s not really a feasible option to use the “matrix colors”.

Since then, controllers with full-spectrum RGB colors are no longer uncommon so it would make sense to have an “true” color mode for such controllers - but that still won’t be of much use on the LP, I’m afraid…

Thanks for replying danoise! Ok I see - though just 4-5 different colors would help me enough in my case, so that I would at least know that i.e. my bass tracks are always blue, my vox track is always green etc on the LP. But are you saying that my original LP vs. Duplex/renoise is incapable of this, completely?

Is it the template in Duplex “Matrix, Transport, Navigator” that tells the LP to make all pads yellow/red, or is it some default behaviour in the LP?

If I get a newer LP, will I be able to manually color my tracks?

Thanks for helping out and sorry for my confusion around this :stuck_out_tongue:

my bass tracks are always blue, my vox track is always green

That’s the problem in a nutshell - the “classic” LP is only capable of 3 shades of yellow/green/red, so it simply can’t represent your tracks in a recognizable way.

When I wrote the majority of the Duplex code, the LP was the dominant controller, and the other one I had was a monome - fully monochrome. So at that point it made more sense to base the Duplex application on “states” such as unmuted or muted. And IMO, almost a decade later, this still makes a lot of sense - if I added a “full” color mode, this would still not be the default option :wink:

Aah… thanks a bunch for clearing up!
Yup I see what you mean now, makes perfectly sense. I kind of forgot about those limitations on the LP too, bought it a long time ago but it’s mostly been collecting dust until now. For the time being I might just make some removeable tiny sticker-labels on a matching plastic bar or something, so I can practice some live stuff more easily, eventually I’ll probably now by heart what is what :slight_smile:

Cheers, and thanks again