Duplex | Launchpad (orig) ..top row behaviour

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an original Launchpad and I’m after some help on the minimum needed to have the top row (up/down/left/right etc.) flash on/off as they are hit/released, with Duplex.

I’m not sure if I am missing something in Duplex or if the original launchpad has to be booted in a special mode - what happens right now is the top row sends CC’s fine but the LED’s act in ‘regular Launchpad’ mode e.g. page left, left is lit, page right, right is lit.

I basically want the top row (and the stack on the far right, basically any non-square buttons :)) to continue to send their CC but to light on/off when tapped. Pretty sure I’m missing something obvious!



When you refer to ‘regular Launchpad mode’, the most basic mode of the controller is actually completely without light. Yes, it’s sending messages but not lighting up on its own.

If it does light up, and isn’t connected to Renoise (or any other controller scripts), then it’s the Automap software from Novation doing it’s thing.

This you’ll probably want to shut off (by pressing User2 + Down arrow on the LP). Otherwise, several buttons will be reserved for Automap things and potentially conflict with what you want to do.

So, with that said, if you’re seeing the arrows light up when running in Renoise with Duplex then it’s because some Duplex application is running. Duplex applications tie into Renoise, and will light up when a given action can be performed. For example, to scroll through tracks. If the arrow is not lit, it’s because you can’t scroll through tracks (e.g. when positioned at the first or last track)

And no, there is no “light up when button is pressed” style application… of course it’s possible to do, but Duplex is based on the idea that applications need to “do something in Renoise”.

But instead of making an such an application, a simple alternative would be to use something like xRules to feed messages back to the LP.

No worries, it’s simple enough and I can help you to get something going…


Thanks (as always :)) for the swift reply. I will double check exactly what I have running, I didn’t think I had automap up but I may have had something else running in Duplex accidentally. I’ll get it back to the point where the LP is plugged in, no lights, and renoise running, and go from there.

I was actually reading about xRules, and Duplex Keyboard’s Grid Mode earlier. I’ll have a play tonight. Is xRules ok for realtime performance? If you have a super simple example of mapping one of the launchpad keys to a note in renoise with LED feedback that would be cool, but if not I can probably work it out. Guessing I map each key individually.



mapping one of the launchpad keys to a note in renoise with LED feedback

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug in the Launchpad and start Renoise. Also, install xRulesand launch it (tools > xRules)
  2. In xRules, press ‘Options’ and make sure that the Launchpad is selected as input & output
  3. Next, press ‘Add’, select ‘Create new ruleset’ and give it a name
  4. Under THEN, press ‘Add Action’ and select ‘Output message > External MIDI’
  5. Press ‘Add Action’ again and this time, select ‘Output message > Internal RAW’

This does nothing more than echoing back messages to the device while also forwarding it to Renoise (allowing you to play notes or midi-map buttons etc.)

Maybe you have something more specific in mind, but it’s a starting point!

Thanks, got it working! Appreciate the help.