Duplex: Layout For Mackie Control Universal Pro

(boonier) #21

Cool nice one thanks

is that the zip date April 10th 2015? Duplex: Layout For Mackie Control Universal Pro

(Rent Demon) #22

No the one you found is too old for renoise 3.x.x.
You need to find one from the 3 or 5 of january this year (17 days ago).
I cannot find it right now as i’m confused with the new forum design…
I’ll post it again later tonight if it did disapear…

(Rent Demon) #23

i just found one with me at work that should be the last working one.
And i understand zip files are not authorized here anymore…
I did put it on my google drive, her you go:
MCU PRO for Renoise 3.1

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(boonier) #24

ahh thanks mate

(having to write more characters to pass minimum 20 needed to post!!)

(vincerollin) #25

Anyone tried this with Icon QCon Pro X?

(valankar) #26

Hi, thanks for making this. I have a Presonus Faderport 8. I was getting an error using this because it could not find the MCU device, which seem to be constants in the code.

I changed all of the lines in the MCUPro_*.lua files to be:

device_name = “PreSonus FP8”

and then it worked fine. Could you make the device name configurable so it doesn’t crash at startup?