Duplex: LED lights on APC20 not consistent with virtual UI

Hey, guys. I connected my APC20 MIDI controller to Renoise through Duplex and functionally, everything seems to working great. However, there are some inconsistencies between the virtual UI presented in the Duplex browser and the APC20 itself. The REC, solo and mute buttons don’t light up at all even though it shows them illuminated on the virtual UI. As I said, they still perform their functions, I just can’t tell what’s enabled and what isn’t by looking directly at the controller unit. I have some experience with scripting languages other than lua, but after a couple of hours poking around the config files, I still can’t seem to figure out what the issue is. Anyone have any ideas? I am using Renoise v3.0.0 64-bit and Duplex v0.98. Thanks!

I figured it out. If anyone else is having the same issue, I’ve attached the two files I edited to make it work. Simply replace the existing ones located in your Duplex directory under ‘Applications’.

Ah, good that you found a solution. Yes, those colors are really optimized for another controller (the Launchpad), but I think I found a way to keep the nice colors on the LP and still make the APC work without any need to change the applications.

Basically, it is the test for monochrome color in the Duplex APC “driver” that failed. If any one feels like testing the fix, try replacing the APC20.lua file in Duplex/Controllers/APC20/ with this one

5011 APC20.lua

(oh, and please use the official versions of the ‘Mixer’ and ‘Transport’ applications, or there won’t be anything to test…)