Duplex: Mackie Control Layout Suggestion

Before, there was a request to make the Duplex map for Zoom R16.
But actually, it is based upon Mackie Control layout.
So I’ve tried to make a general-purpuse control-map for the devices based upon MC layout.

Well, the main target here is something like “compact Mackie Control”, since the real Mackie Control device is the huge monster. I think that there are few people operating software of 58 euros with the controller of 1000 euros. :wacko: :P

Anyway, here we go.
I made this control-map without a real device, while referring to this Mackie Control MIDI Map.
So please check whether solo/mute buttons, faders and transport buttons work or not.
Of course, since the placement of buttons are different in each controller, not all of buttons may become effective.
But, main parameters should be able to be operated by any controllers based upon MC.

1: Mixer & Transport config

3732 MC-Mixer.png

2: Recorder & Transport config
(Please read this explanation about how to use the Recorder app)

3733 MC-Recorer.png

3735 Mackie-Control_20121030.zip

:excl: ################################################

These configs require the latest Duplex beta version.

To install these files:

  • Download and UnZip the file
  • Open the folder below:
    Renoise’s main menu [Help] -> “Show the Preferences Folder…” -> then follow this path: Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers
  • Put the “Mackie-Control” folder to there
  • Reload all Tools

And don’t forget to set In/Out ports in each config on the Duplex’s option setting panel.

:excl: ################################################

I must admit I am a Mackie-control noob myself, but awesome work nevertheless.

I just tried it out, and noticed immediately that Mixer volume pick-up is rejecting changes to a fader’s initial state.
This has nothing to do with the layout, but is rather a glitch in Duplex, which will obviously need to be fixed :slight_smile:

I think the protocol has found it’s way into various equipment that cost a lot less, but still… :D

this is great. one small thing, im having trouble resetting tools. im using rn v2.6

reloading l should say ^^

witchfactor: I know of two ways to reload a tool without closing Renoise:

1 Enable scripting in Renoise, and you will get a “Reload all tools” item in the tools menu.
2 Alternatively, open the tools browser, locate your tool and press “Disable” and then “Enable”.

Danoise have fixed the LED problem (LED in buttons were never turned OFF) in the Mackie Control control-map.
So please use Duplex 0.98b11 (MC control-map is included by default).

I have a Yamaha 01x which purports to use the Mackie Control interface. This is a great script, thanks Sato and Danoise!

I’ve given it a brief test run. There are some issues, but hey maybe I can help out. This is pretty exciting.

(Oh, I haven’t seen your name for a while. Nice to see you again here :) )

Well in fact, I only made the layout, and the most are the results by danoise’s efforts.

And actually, both I and danoise don’t have an actual MC controller, therefore we cannot test it well.
Does the motorised mixer fader work now?? (there was a bug report before)

It’s nice to be here :)

For a layout that hasn’t been tested by the developer, this is remarkably good.

The motorised faders respond to on-screen changes and vice versa.

Some functions are assigned to strange keys, e.g. paging across the tracks one by one is achieved using the zoom and scrub keys. These can be easily reassigned and may in fact be just specific to the 01x, as not all mackie control surfaces are created equal.

Two issues that may be the layout but may be duplex:

  1. After initialisation, the faders on screen only respond to an initial value greater than the value on screen. So if the fader is first moved down by hand, the change is not reflected on screen. Once the screen has “caught” the fader movement, everything is fine from then on.

  2. Mute lights behave strangely. When clicked via mouse, they light up on the 01x for a muted channel, but when they’re pressed on the 01x, they don’t light up. It behaves correctly in software though. This may be a midi echo issue, i.e. the midi message for channel mute is sent back to the device and toggles the light back off again.

I’ll keep playing :)

Hey, thanks for reporting. Nice to hear that things are - more or less - working like advertised.

  1. Sounds like “soft pickup” is in action. I know this feature has a small issue when trying to determine the initial value.
    The problem you experience might be solved by turning the feature off (Duplex browser -> Mackie Control -> Settings -> Mixer) ?

  2. The exact behavior of the lights to some extent would depend on the hardware’s capabilities. But hopefully, we can make it work “across” devices.
    I’m currently working on something which would change the way the mute buttons work. Once that has been released, let’s get back to this.

Yeah, currently, please reassign them by yourself.
According to the list of this page (the bottom of the page), those mappings should be right at least for an old Mackie Control surface. But they seem to be wrong for your 01x. I cannot determine which I should choose yet.

And about “Soft Takeover”, I’d enabled the option by default in the config, but it seems that this function causes misunderstanding to some people.
So I deleted the option indication from the default config.

Now the panning knobs works at last. :) So I’ve updated the config file in the first post.

But I’m still unsure that what the “Scrub Wheel” should be used for.
I temporary set it for BPM though…

Maybe it’s good if it can be used for pattern navigation or something else.

Duplex is great aplication !.
My Qcon Icon Pro + Duplex + Mackie Control is working on 70%.
Rec, Solo, Mute, Sel, Faders Vol, Transport, Track Control working in 100%.

Problem is:

  • Knob Panorama not working or LED not blinking
  • Fader LED - not blinking
  • LOP - not working
  • 2 LCD Display complety blank

Please help ! :)/>/> - sorry, my english is bed.

Attachment - screen on my controler.


First, what version of Mackie Control layout do you use??
Probably, you are using the default MC layout in the Duplex 0.98b27, I guess.

In the default MC layout, the Panning knobs are disabled since the relative knob isn’t supported perfectly yet.

If you try the custom MC layout at the top of this thread, maybe you can move Panning knobs temporary. But they move with a bit strange manner of movement, it’s not perfect yet.

I guess that the Fader LEDs are the VU meter, right??
If so, it’s not supported in the current Duplex yet.

Sorry, what is LOP?

Unfortunately, it’s not supported in the current Duplex yet too.

And please remember that Renoise doesn’t support MC layout officially. At here, I (and danoise) just make a simple layout as possible voluntarily (Actually, I just test this layout by using my little nanoKONTROL2 only ;) ). So please wait patiently till it will be done.


Yes, i am using Duplex 0.98b27

Ok,maybe next version it will advise :)/>/>.

You’re absolutely right- VU meter.
This function very important to me.
I hope you’ll remember and reach out for me.

Ups, my mistake - Loop buton on my Qcon → loop patern buton in Renoise.

I really don’t know how to thank you for You and danoise. This is great job !.

I’m looking forward to it on nev version Duplex.

Sato did some great work with this layout, but as you know Duplex still come with some limitations.

I’m looking forward to it on nev version Duplex

Duplex development has been idle for some time, but I can assure you that there is a number of features that I’d like to see myself.

Let’s discuss some of these details here:

LCD Display
Some of the work is already done here, when I created support for the TouchOSC iPad layout. TouchOSC is of course an OSC implementation, but it means that we can already write a Duplex application and make it print text to the screen via those labels.
So, the next bit is to transfer this to the device via MIDI - and that can be quite tricky with many LCD displays, as the manufacturer often invent their own way of doing things. But, to keep things simple, we should probably focus on MC protocol and how it communicates with LCD display.

Is that also part of the Mackie protocol? While I agree that being able to show if a given track is playing is fundamental to a mixer, I don’t think we have a proper solution to this ATM - the Renoise API doesn’t let us eavesdrop on the actual volume level in a track. To achieve this, we’d need to resort to dirty hacks like adding signal followers. But perhaps this is worth it, as an optional feature of the Mixer application? Opinions/suggestions are welcome!

Relative knobs
Hmm, I’m not sure what the problem is supposed to be. I recall handing satobox various layouts and we never fully made it work.
At least, I have a controller which I can use to test the current implementation, and, no matter what, I need to take a closer look at the general fader/knob implementation in Duplex


About Loop button:

Temporary, I assigned the loop function to the 6th function button (see the layout image at the top of this thread). Doesn’t it work even if you hit the F6 button??

Well, if you really need your Loop button working, you have to check what midi-signal is used for your Loop button, then edit MC config files yourself by using Renoise Script Editor.


About Relative knobs:

I made the movie which shows something strange movements.
When I turn a knob to left most or right most, it works fine.
But when I turn the knob to left a bit then turn right, it is stuck at the turning point till it reaches to the right most. And the same occur at vice versa.
Probably, the midi-signal curtailing seems to occur from the turning point.
This doesn’t occur with Renoise’s native midi mapping (rel_7_signed2).


About LCD Display:

I googled and found the pdf file about the “Logic Control”. Maybe, Mackie Control and Logic Control use the same MIDI protocol ?? :unsure:/>/>
If so, this pdf may be helpful (see the Logic Control - MIDI Implementation part), although it’s quite huge monster… :wacko:/>/>


Did anyone ever get any further with this? I have an MCU and it actually works great with Duplex. However it would have been nice to get the display and time counters working. Unfortunately I never managed to figure out how to get more things working myself- but wondered if anyone did?