Duplex | Mapping pre/post mode button (APC40MKII)

Hi, I bought an APC40MKII and installed the mapping for it I found on here, but it works extremely clunky.
Leds not doing the right thing, some knobs unused or not for the right purpose, some with duplicated actions.

In particular, there’s one button that is mapped to Pre/Post, to determine whether volume sliders affect pre/post mixer.
In the duplex browser I can click it and the light will go on and off, and it’ll work, but not when I push it on the controller.
In fact, the light won’t even toggle in the duplex browser if I push it on the controller!

Even though it is still mapped to

Mixer = {
mappings = {

mode = {
group_name = “Note Mode”,
and in the XML the group name is a “Note Mode” of type pushbutton

what do ?