Duplex/MIDI question about sysex and pc messages

Hi :)
I’ve bought the sickeningly cheap omnitronic fad-9 which is like a nanokontrol1 but a little different. After hooking it up, (and for some reason it does not install correctly under windows) I almost instantly wanted to return it, because the ‘crossfader’ and the rotary or endless ‘dial’ are non-programmable, actually, the dial sends prog change messages (C0 xx) always and the crossfader sends sysex messages (I think… F0 7F 7F 04 01 00 xx F7)
Now I just want as a first exercise to have the crossfader select current track and the dial select current instrument. Is this programmable in Renoise like it is, or with help of Duplex (which I’m gonna quickly try now anyways and build a control map for?), or shall I have to make a puredata patch or something that will translate the sysex and pc msgs to regular CC# messages?

Now, that was a weird choice, given that few DAWs will support sysex or prog-change as input.

In Duplex we have dozens of devices, but so far sysex has not been required for anything but special initialization commands and stuff like that, so there’s no built-in support for your device. But the MidiDevice class has hooks for normal midi data as well as sysex input, so it’s possible to support the device with a bit of work (less so, since this device is not bi-directional).
Question is if it’s worth it? A puredata patch probably could be done in a matter of minutes.

I totally agree, somehow I’m getting the feeling the controller was semi meant to be used for lighting or other applications than controlling audio. However it’s just plain stupid that these few things that really set it apart from e.g. the korg nano are not customizable…

That is indeed exactly the question. I’m gonna have a night’s sleep over it thanks for your suggestions.