Duplex: New Configurations For Bcr/bcf 2000

The control-map for BCR-2000

2519 bcr2000.png

The control-map for BCF-2000

2520 bcf2000.png

----------- [Note] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • The Recorder app is something unique. You should understand how to use it first. Please read the explanation in the Recorder.app file (~\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Applications\Recorder.app)

  • Notes On Wheels (NOW) is a realtime phrase arpeggiator/sequencer. Simply, start playback and press the “Write” button, tweak Pitch Encoders!! Additionally you can specify notes via MIDI-keyboard too (MIDI-Keys option).

@BCR/BCF users

Well, actually I don’t have a real BCR/BCF controller, so I cannot realize the real opelation feelings.
If you feel something not good, any suggestions are welcomed.
Also I’m glad that if this map will become the base of your custom map.

Unzip and put (exchange) the BCR-2000/BCF-2000 folder to:

[Help] menu >> [Show the Preferences Folder] >> Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers\BCR-2000 or BCF-2000

:excl: Duplex V0.98 or higher is needed


  • In transport controls, you need to click the encoder twice when you want to switch off pattern loop, recording, pos follow, and metronome. Dunno why. Play/stop/next and previous pattern work fine.

Otherwise it works fine as far as I know. I really have to say you’ve done a great job with these, well done!

(btw, what is the benefit of having “follow track” disabled? what is it good for?)


  • In mixer/effects config, the track select is doubled. (bottom two buttons of the bottom 4-button group AND the push-knobs of E1 group). I know that this is an advantage when you don’t have the E1 group selected. BUT: I was thinking of those two bottom buttons being a “page switch” for FX parameter “pages”. Imagine that you want to control more than 16 FX parameters in the currently selected track. But you only have the 16 knobs (2 bottom rows when using “All parameters (device)” setting). With these two buttons being page change buttons, you would be just a click away from the next group of 16 parameter controls, just like track groups. You could still select E1 to browse through tracks, or E3 to browse through FX devices. (maybe this function could be available for the “all parameters (device)” setting, while for “mixer parameters (track)” it could remain as it is now? so the stress on FX control is in the former and stress on mixer control in the latter…)

  • What about doubling the PAN controls of the uppermost knob row to E3 in mixer/effects? That way it doesn’t matter whether you have the track selector or FX selector on push; you have ALWAYS pan and volume at hand.

  • Now you can only solo one track, which is a “true” solo function. What about being able to solo more than one track? I.e. you have all tracks active, then you press one solo button, you have only one track active. Then you press another solo button, and instead of the solo switching to that track, you would have two tracks active. (I hope I was clear, if not, let me know, I’ll clarify)

  • Is it possible to make Duplex respond ONLY on MIDI channel 1? It can have some uses. I can use duplex mixer/whatever on my preset 1; and when I want to control a VSTi synth TOTALLY INDEPENDENTLY, I change the BCR preset (to a preset which has all controls on channel 2) and voilá, I have instant instrument control.

I’ve changed the button type and added the midi ch designation in the xml files.
For example;
Old: Param value=“CC#33” type=“button”
New: Param value=“CC#33|Ch1” type=“togglebutton”

Probably, this can fix these problems. (I hope)
Please check again about all encoder buttons.

Hmm, I do not know clearly though, it may be effective, when connecting two or more controllers and using them as one mixer. Personally I always enable “follow track”.

I also worried about this point. But indeed, “FX page switch” make sense. I’ve changed it.
(btw, i hope that the 2 buttons like “select previous/next FX device” will be added in the Effect app in the future. Then we will be able to use the surplus buttons for other purposes.)

Probably, this is not possible in Duplex (at least I don’t know how to do). If you want to do it by all means, you must edit the BCR’s preset. (change the CC numbers of E3-encoders to the same as E1)

This function is already there in Renoise natively. Main menu [Options] >> [Solo Mode] >> “Solo (Remembers Mute States)”. :)

:excl: #I’ve re-uploaded the Control-map in the first post#

@sato: I think that switching to type=“togglebutton” is the right decision.
And thanks for bringing the Recorder and N.O.W. to this controller too

Yes, this has in fact just been added, along with standard “dial/fader” input for selecting the current device.

Yes, everything goes smooth now. The push encoders transport functions are correctly behaving, and the unit responds on channel one only.

That’s a good idea and indeed works how it should :)

I think it’s much much better than it was, thank you very much.

I don’t have any more ideas, maybe more will come from usage in everyday practice…

Wow, nice addition!!

You’re welcome. I’m glad too. :D

Then, I’ll try to see the BCF Control-map later too.
The mapping possibility may decrease a bit than the BCR though. ;)

OK, I’ve updated the first post again.

I added the control-map for the BCF-2000.
I am slightly anxious about that the motorized faders may move frequently too much while using these configs.
It is hoped the faders do not break… :rolleyes:

Also, I’d forgotten to add the Mixer_mode (Pre/Post) button in the BCR map, so I’ve added it to E4, the 6th encoder button. Enjoy!! :D

Thanks for the new bcr maps!

I have one question: is it possible to record non-MIDI mapped knobs to automation? Let’s say you have a filter cutoff as an effect controlled by a knob on BCR. When I hit record, play, and I turn the knob, the recording goes to FX column. I have to MIDI map the knob to the cutoff slider, but that way I still control it (along with different parameter) when I switch channels…

Is this not related to normal recording of MIDI effects?

Third button.


Does your comment mean that Duplex can now record MIDI the same as native MIDI-Mapping? I didn’t think it could for some reason…

I know that. And that does exactly what it says. Maps RIGHT CLICKED or MIDI MAPPED parameters to automation. But Duplex parameter controls are not MIDI mapped…

So my comment meant quite the opposite, I was asking if and how is it possible to record duplex controlled parameters as if you were right-click pulling them.

[Ahh, I’m unsure whether I may say this though… :P ]
Currently it’s not possible (in v0.98b3), but Danoise has already looked into this. If there is no technical problem, it will be implemented soon (I hope it too). Let’s wait and see what will happen in the next version of Duplex.

Thanks for info. That’s great to know. It’s a chore to assign and de-assign the controller every time I want to record automation :)

Ahh, I didn’t think they recorded at all and from what you said it sounded like they were going into Pattern Effects Columns and not Automation. If they can go into one there is no technical reason they can not be made to go into the other (apart from the code not being scripted yet.) Seems Satobox has given you a fuller answer and helped with my own question :)

Sato is right, I sent him a version which is able to record automation (latch and touch recording). I’ll release this beta in a couple of days.
And yes, for some people it will represent a huge improvement, as you can quickly “home in” on the parameter and start recording, with no mapping required.


Interesting concept, I will try this new version to see if it works well with my bcr… I don’t see why it shouldn’t

Great! Duplex is really becoming a must-have for any BCR users. It’s really very much appreciated! :)