Duplex : Notes On Wheels

@rhowaldt: absolutely, samples are the source material that benefit the most from this. Plugins seem almost boring in comparison And there’s absolutely no need for external hardware, the dedicated control surface is fully functional and has every feature exposed. It even features PC keyboard transpose and note entry (try pressing keys with/out the shift modifier!!)

That’s it’s based on the Duplex framework simply makes it easier to plug into various controllers, with bi-directional communication, control surface emulation etc. In other words, from a developer’s perspective, it takes care of a lot of the boring stuff that you don’t want to do over and over, each time you want to create something that makes music.

If you want to try it out, I just updated the download link (Duplex beta version thread)

oh yeah i see how it works now! this could be interesting! thanks danoise!

What version of the ReMOTE are you using? I’ve got the mark1 (SL 25), and it’s not fully compatible with the mkII-xml, as the bottom right row buttons (below the faders) aren’t midi-mappable on my version (it seems). Would it be possible to make a N.O.W.-only config? -Without the mixer/transport apps (i’ve got an apc40 to cover these functions anyway)?

I just briefly looked into this app now, and I don’t understand ‘squat’ tbh. ;)

I must say…I love this little device! I tried it out with my BCF2000. It works really well as a step sequencer for sliced drums. :drummer: The only problem I encountered was going too crazy with retriggers tends to slow down renoise, but that’s not a bug, just the result of putting way too many notes in at once.

A feature I think would be awesome, though maybe not so easy to implement:

  • The ability to swap between different sequences quickly
  • The choice to record sequences to specific tracks

This would allow you to record an arp sequence on one track, then hit a button to jump to the next track and record a different sequence. Then you could swap back and forth between them, tweaking the patterns.

I’m going to incorporate NOW into a live performance next weekend. Thanks so much for your work!

Great, I’m really happy to hear that!!

As for the “specific track”, yes this is planned, not hard to make. Basically, you press some button and it will “LOCK” the selected instrument + track.
This also means that someone else can use Renoise while you are using N.O.W.

Awesome, I can’t wait!

Also, I think I found a bug. When working with a sliced sample if you change the pitches then switch to another page and back, when you switch back the pitches will be all crammed in the middle instead of spread out like they’re supposed to.

Thanks, fixed. Replace the NotesOnWheels.lua file with this corrected version (Renoise 2.8)
Edit: fix got merged into distribution, simply download most recent version of Duplex

Does anybody have the manual? The download link on page 1 does not work

Thanks for pointing that out. The manual is also located here:


The file was located on a server I once administered. So, the link has actually been broken for some time…

Have fun with this beast!

Hi, I will try to ask again and more clearly as I believe it will push my WIP maschine jam controller to be much more powerful.

Right now - there are multiple pages with faders for every track.
I would love to use each of 8 Maschine Jam faders to control one parameter each.
So it would work like monophonic sequencer - one fader for step, the second for note, third for delay etc. etc.
Maybe I can add pagination for controlling multiple columns?
My main priority is not to generate a sequence but to have possibility to modify various note elements from DUPLEX which seems to be possible only from Notes on Wheels.
Or is there some different way how can I use 8 faders to modify velocity, delay etc. for selected (or to-be inserted) note?

Thank you

My main priority is not to generate a sequence but to have possibility to modify various note elements

Ah, it sounds like it would be necessary to create a stripped-down version then. N.O.W. is designed from the ground up as a sequencer.
I’m actually planning to get a bit back into lua coding, but pressed for time. Right now, I can only promise a bit of assistance/advice from the sideline.

PS: “8 Years Later” :smiley:

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