Duplex Novation Launchpad

was wondering as i now have started to use my launchpad with renoise like this video

will it be/is it possible to trigger samples using the novation pads in a similar fashion like in that video

right now when im using Duplex the pads on the novation mutes/un-mutes a sample in the matrix in renoise,and the buttons on the right side of the launchpad triggers patterns

other than that i cant complain about Dublex really nicely done :dribble:

He’s not really triggering samples, he’s jumping the sequence like a maniac! There is a difference.
What he’s doing there, you can do too with Duplex too, you just need some very short patterns.

But to answer your question,

If we understand the process of ‘triggering a sample’ as when we press a keyboard note, and then, a sample starts playing, then the short answer is no, we can’t do that. We can recieve MIDI, send MIDI, but we can’t tell Renoise to start playing a sample ‘out of the blue’. This is how the Renoise API works, so this is obviously also how Duplex would have to work.

But, hold on. If we can receive MIDI, it’s actually rather simple to insert that note into the pattern - in realtime. And the result is the same - you trigger a sample, as you’ve just recorded it into the pattern.

Actually, I used this approach to make a proper, realtime sequencer before I started working on Duplex.
Looking back at it, the script is a big mess (it was my first attempt at lua scripting), so it didn’t make it the to the launch, but the script clearly demonstrated that it’s possible to create something from scratch.

Important note to all Launchpad owners

I don’t know if this has been mentioned anywhere, but if anyone have the automap software running while using the Launchpad, they will need to turn it off for the launchpad, or it will attempt to run the automap scripts simultaneously with Duplex. The automap scripts are mostly useful for Ableton Live users, not Renoise. Toggle automap on/off using this undocumented trick: press ‘user2’ + ‘down arrow’ on your Launchpad [

first off i dont use the automap with my launchpad in renoise anymore,second i can do what he does in the video already with Duplex,and it works great,but it would be nice to be able to use the pads on the launchpad to “play” samples

just a thought though nothing majorly important.

and would like to say really nice job on the Duplex :yeah:

Don’t actually have a launchpad but this is a shot in the dark
Can’t you create a multi instrument (Mapped samples) click on the instrument to make it active then assign some of the pads to on the launchpad to send MIDI notes ?

Was thinking about a launchpad myself but if it can’t do this then i will not bother


i can do this perfectly when im not using Duplex,i also think i can get it working with Duplex,i just need to “hack” but i first need to read all the documentation,and start with something small

Hi, did you get anywhere with the hacking? :) Duplex matrix trigger plus the ability sample trigger/VSTi playing would be awesome…


Hi, did you get anywhere with the hacking? smile.gif Duplex matrix trigger plus the ability sample trigger/VSTi playing would be awesome…

~~Sorry for intruding, but there’s a long and a short reply to this.

Short answer: no - until someone creates a sample-trigger for Duplex, simply use the Launchpad in automap mode, with Renoise listening to the Automap MIDI port.

And here’s the long version:

When the launchpad is operating in it’s basic MIDI mode (non-automapped), it has a fixed layout, meaning that you are lucky if the notes are laid out like you need them to be. You can of course use Automap to make a custom layout, but then you might have a conflict if you are using Duplex at the same time, and something has been mapped to the same set of buttons.

So, why don’t someone like me just go ahead and make a Duplex sample trigger? Well, there’s a perfectly good explanation: the Renoise API does not allow you to trigger samples as such. This might seem strange, but if you have ever played around with MIDI sequencers, you’ll probably know why - they can be terribly unprecise. Without going into a lengthy explanation, of which I understand only part of it anyway, it has to do with the GUI and script running at a different speed than the audio engine. Taktik himself has said that the ‘realtime’ API has been left out on purpose for now. I am guessing that he wants it to be as crystalline precise as Renoise itself, so we didn’t end up with 117 awful-sounding MIDI arpeggiators :wink:

That said, there is a workaround - you can actually trigger notes by using the built-in OSC server in Renoise. The problem still remains - the timing is not entirely accurate, and it’s not a Taktik-approved solution, but I am guessing that most people doesn’t care if the sample triggering is 100% precise, since it’s done by hand anyway.~~

Edit: in case someone’s reading this - there has since been improvements in this regard, Renoise API responding to MIDI input should be practically instantaneous.

Hi, thanks for the info, much appreciated.

I’m basically weighing up ‘Ableton Launchpad Edition’ and ‘Renoise’ in terms of progressing some kind of live performance of my stuff, both have positives and negatives at the moment.

I’m more familiar with renoise, but then the session view in Live best suits the launchpad to-date, in that I can start/stop loops and in parallel trigger samples, play/record midi. The only thing missing on Live is the ability to map the delete button (to clear a clip) to a button on a midi device, without using something like Bomes or Automap PRO.

Anyway, still super excited about 2.6 and the possibilities ahead with the custom tooling!

Ps. also I know I can obviously create new tracks in renoise, then for live performance, render stems and take these into live’s session view and use them via the launchpad, best of all worlds then, sort of! I just like doing everything in one tool if possible :)