Duplex Question

I have a question about Duplex, esp. in combination with the Launchpad:
Is it possible to realize multiple pages? What I have in mind is similar to the way it is handled by Ableton.
Example: Let’s say i want to use Mixer and Matrix. By now, the grid is split into 2 halves, upper for Matrix, lower for Mixer.
I’d like to have two pages for that and flipping between them by hitting e.g. the “Session” (for Matrix) and “Mixer” (for, you guessed it,…) buttons (top right).
Is this, from a technical point of view, too difficult or even impossible to implement or does it even already exist and i just missed it? :unsure:

There is something like it, although probably not exactly what you are looking for: each of the launchpad configuration have a MIDI mappable shortcut.
Also, you have keyboard shortcuts (F1, F2 etc.) when the Duplex browser is focused.

Problem with MIDI mapping configurations is, that you might need to use another MIDI device for this: using the launchpad as a Renoise MIDI mapped device will make it produce note events, and this is probably not what you want when using it with Duplex.

Personally, I use the F1/F2/etc keyboard shortcuts. But I could easily extend these to become “proper” shortcuts?

Btw: it might take some time to release a configuration, esp. when it has been used for a while. This is a hardware issue with the launchpad, seems like it needs to send itself note-off messages for each note-on (button light-up). I believe I should be able to bypass this, for much quicker configuration switching.

Ahhhhh, great! :yeah:
The “F-key method” works just fine! ^_^
Though a configuration that maps the 4 mode keys to 4 configurations is still a nice idea…! ;)
But i can live with that “workaround”.
Thanks for the quick reply!