Duplex Recorder: Overdubbing?

I am using the Duplex Recorder. My aim is to get it working like e.g. the BOSS RC-505.
As far as I know there is no way to overdub a recording and I am really missing this feature.

Example: I want to record my voice 3 times right after each other in different pitches to create a group of backup singers. I need these three voices in the same track to be able to toggle them at the same time and to assign the same effects to all of them simultaneously.

If I’m right and its currently not possible to do this out of the box - could you think of a possible workaround?
Of course I could just use three different tracks for the three takes, but that would fill up the columns on my controller way too fast.

@danoise Would you say that it’s possible to implement this in a future update? Or am I asking for something virtually impossible here? :slight_smile:

I have seen a very old YouTube video of someone doing exactly this in an old version of Renoise. I think he’s somehow recording a clip, triggering it at the beginning of the pattern, pressing record again (which creates a new sample), and triggering THAT sample on the next track at the same time, creating an overdubbed loop in harmony with the first.
I imagine it’s something that could be scripted with Lua but I no speaka the codingz.