Duplex.Remote-Sl-Mkii / Novation Remote Sl Compact

I don’t really know if the Duplex.Remote-SL-MKII lua/xml scripts should work (at least partially) with my ReMOTE 25SL Compact…

I read some pots values from Midi OX and they seem to be the same as the one in the XML, but i don’t know more…

I could do the mapping for the SL Compact… I know how XML works, and I have Midi ox to read the midi CC# etc… (I don’t know LUA - yet?)
So, I could use some pointers of what I need to do exactly. Like do I need to dig in the other LUA scripts of Duplex ? or just got a XML with the values? (if they’re not totally the same, idk… hmm I’ll take a look further at some other values/CC#/etc from the XML…)

The XML should simply be the table with the mappings and control layouts. The lua script that you attach to your controller, allows you to let the Duplex GUI engine build the visual representation of your controller without you having to use the core Renoise API functions for that.
The only thing you need is your own “controller” folder in the “Controllers” subpath and one .xml file and one (same named) .lua file. No need to change the core lua modules in the root path of Duplex.

You can read the Duplex API for more detailed guidance here:

Ok, perfect, so I’ll do that for a start.
Thank you.

Hi Rez. A couple of things I learned while making the Remote SL MKII layout:

For bi-directional MIDI to work with this device, you need to work in automap mode. The standard MIDI mode will not allow us to send messages to the device, and turn lights on/off. Also, you need to be pretty specific about the messages you send from the controller. Thanks to automap, you can set the Remote to treat buttons as buttons, switches, or even cycle through values (stepped buttons). While this can be useful, it’s plain evil for Duplex because it becomes hard to know what state the button has.

Try to create a automap template where you assign all buttons to ‘normal’ operation, before you do anything else.
Then, you could create a copy the existing ‘Remote SL MKII’ folder inside /Controllers, rename it and edit the control-map file to your liking?

I wish manufacturers released MIDI implementations in some standard format so I could make a Processing tool or something for autogenerating Duplex presets :(

Anyway, thanks for the tips guys - I’m going to try to make some Axiom, X-Station and Nanokontrol presets :)

(Edit: I realise, of course, that doing the Axiom and X-Station presets will be slightly pointless since they don’t have feedback of any kind. And maybe Nanokontrol’s pointless too. Never mind; I shall have to buy a Launchpad \o/)

edit: woops, sorry, i wrote this before seeing your new posts, i’m gonna catch up.

hm. actually, the thing that i didn’t get before going to sleep is:

When I monitor “Automap MIDI” in MIDI OX and move the CC#00 knob,

i get the input on “MIDIIN3 (5- ReMOTE SL Compact)” in MIDI OX, and nothing on the port 10 which is the “Automap MIDI” input.
but it gets transmitted over to the port 11 which is “Automap MIDI” output. (i would assume that is normal for the Remote, as the Automap MIDI could be some sort of Virtual Port…)

as in the Remote MKII LUA script, the device_name is “Automap MIDI” like for my Novation

and as my first knob that transmits CC#00 is mapped

<group name="Encoders" orientation="horizontal"><br>
          <param value="CC#0" type="dial" name="CC# 0" maximum="127" minimum="0">

shouldn't this MKII script work for my Remote as least for this knob ? or is there a problem i need to fix with the "Automap MIDI" input?<br>
(in case of ID usb thingi like for the Launchpad, i tried as device_name the other IDs..)<br>
semi-edit-that-i-make-before-i-post actually:<br>
OK, first thing that got me confused, is I that i mapped a knob that was not in the layout at first.<br>
I tried mapping a knob from my EMU Xboard49 and it works.<br>
But I can't map one knob from the Novation ReMOTE 25SL Compact...<br>
i tried with different device names in case there were something like for the Launchpad and as midi ox see the midi inputting in "MIDIIN3 (5- etc.."<br>
I'm still confused then. Do I miss something?</group>