Duplex: Renoise and the new Livid Base controller


Sexy isn’t it? I think it’d make a really nice partner for Renoise. One thing I really like about it is the LED touch strips- you can have multiple banks of volume faders for mixing without having to worry about resetting the fader position when you switch banks. And an in-browser editor. Does that mean no crappy config hardware is required? Excellent, they never make those for Linux anyway!
So who’s going to make a duplex thingy for this? ;)

P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong forum section guys.

I suspect you, if you buy one.

This thing looks sexy as hell.

I will if you buy me one :P

On a serious note, Livid got it really really right this time… been watching their site, newsletter, etc for some time now and yeah a lot of the products seem pricy but worth it considering they’re said to be really rugged, good quality controllers… but this one came in the newsletter and i came in … well i just came

It’s also perfect for Renoise indeed (except that Renoise is not 100% handy for playing loopchops n drumkits live), I’m already thinking about multiple modes (you can have 10 midi presets iirc)

And it doesn’t have those knobs or whatever that make it 2 times as thick and more fragile :D

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It’s actually quite a bit cheaper than most the other Livid stuff too. I guess those knobs and faders are expensive to put on a controller?

Yeah that, and 9+8 different touchpads with leds are cheap. Well of course not cheap but apparently a lot more affordable. I think the controller is THE shit.

I was thinking it would be cool if you could map scales to it like with the new ableton Push controller and use it as some kind of abstract keyboard. Maybe even have the key displayed on that little 2 character display if the hardware allows that. Is this currently possible with Duplex? I can’t say I’ve much experience with it and I’ve never touched the keyboard bit.

By scales do you mean chords? It says you can map notes to the pads/faders…

Let me try to explain.

I assume by default they give off midi notes that are laid out chromatically across the pads. Rather than sending these notes directly to Renoise I think it’d be cool to send it to piece of middleware (preferable a Renoise Tool to keep it all in box) and then have this middleware translate it into different notes which are then send to Renoise.

For example say that the bottom row of pads are set up so that the firmware sends the following notes when you hit them, going from left to right: C3 C#3 D3 D#3 E3 F3 F#3 G3

Now these notes go to this middleware which recognises these as being the notes for the first row and translates them into a Heptatonic scale. So if I had the middleware set to C major it’d pass on these notes to Renoise: C3 D3 E3 F3 G3 A3 B3 C4.

And notes in higher rows are of a higher octave and lower notes are a lower octave and I could press buttons to cycle through different keys (which would maybe be displayed on that 2 character display). Does that make sense?

They haven’t got the manual on the downloads page to check but I was thinking more like the QuNeo where you can set any note to whichever sensor you like, rather than it being hardcoded… But then you’d still need presets for each scale so it would be a bit of a pain to change them.

It looks like you can do that for this controller too, judging by the screenshot of the browser based editor. (still love that it’s browser based!). Maybe I could do it that way if this controller has a super quick system for switching presets, though I doubt that is the case.

Keyboard remapping is not really built into the lua API yet, no. You can send certain notes when receiving certain midi events, but to make them recordable too, well, all of that is hacky in the current version.

edit: I have to mention, I also never really tried duplex but then again I don’t see the use for it with my current (simple) controller setup.

I am the owner of Audiotecna, the official dealer for Livid Instruments in Colombia.

Since I have just received Base II, I’d love to help building a duplex and testing it with Renoise!

Fortunately, Livid always provide good documentation. This would be a good starting point.

Since everything on this controller can be customized, it would be a good idea to stick to these factory settings.

I’ll make a controlmap for the Base and then we can finetune it :slight_smile:

Hey you all! Just re-bumping this thread because I just bought a Livid Base a few weeks ago! I’d like to get this working with Duplex. Did that controlmap ever get made?

I’d like to get this working with Duplex. Did that controlmap ever get made?

I have the following files. I am not sure if theRGB color isfully working?
Class + controlmap + configuration (basic matrix/mixer):

Extract the contents into Duplex>Controllers (it should create a folder called LividBase).

Woot! Thanks man!

This controller is freaking awesome by the way! I absolutely love it.

SO I’m trying to work with the script and configure some stuff and I’m having trouble getting things to work. As you said, the lights don’t work, and I’m not exactly sure how to fix that.

Outside of the faders, nothing works. The Master fader was set to the wrong CC#, so I got that fixed. The top buttons, aren’t configured right. I’ve been looking at the mapping pic you posted above, and the way the Duplex has it set is them to CC#'s, but it looks from the pic you posted above that those buttons configure to Note#'s, not CC’s. So I looked through some of the other scripts and I tried to change them to their note#'s. I used this to guide me:


however I got a bunch of errors and had to change it back to CC#'s. So I’m not exactly sure how to fix that.

Also, in the duplex browser, it looks as if there’s two mappings, for mute and track select, however, there’s only actually one button there, not two. If you look at the pic above, the two buttons are just LED’s. There’s an LED that’s in the top right corner of each of the touch buttons, but they’re not actually two seperate buttons. I’m not sure exactly how to edit that.

On the side buttons, the same thing is true there as it is for the touch buttons in regards to CC vs Notes. They only correspond to Note#'s, and not CC’s.

I’d like to get the lights working as well. This would be a fun project for me over the summer. Any help pointing me to the right direction is appreciated. I have some of my own ideas. For example, it would be cool to get the LED number indicator working. I’m not sure what to use it for, but I can see some potential there. Perhaps it could tell you what line number you’re on? Something along those lines, I’m not sure yet. I can see it having a useful function. It’s there and it can be edited, so it might be worth taking a look at. Anyways, thanks for the help! :smiley:

So I looked it up in the midi editor, and I was wrong about the note/cc# thing. So I’m really not sure why they won’t work. But when I click on them they don’t do anything.