Duplex: Slider/Dial with value label


Does the Slider/Dial have functionality to display a value already? I can’t seem to find any example of that in the other controller layouts.

I thinking about how best to create a Group component that contains a Dial param and a label Param, with the intention of grouping those components together into a bank so that when I’m using the Effect application, I can map the ‘parameters’ mapping and get both ui elements updating.

Does this sort of thing exist already or do I need to (willingly) roll my own? Or do I need to approach this from another angle?


–edit –

I’ve read that Group nodes only support Param nodes - so nested groups is a non-starter!

You can study the iPad touchOSC configuration to see a couple of examples of value readouts.

It’s basically the responsibility of the application to produce values that you can then map. For the Effect application, for instance, the available readouts are device_name, param_values and param_names:


Wildcards! awesome thanks @Danoise